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Good-looking (some say very handsome), low-key, mature, experienced, intelligent, stable, funny, sensitive, honest, professional gentleman, 6'-2", beard and moustache, deep voice, open to many things. Cam available...just ask me, but sorry, I can't show my face until I've talked with you for a while.

I'm Interested in ladies of any age, but I particularly love to teach curious young ladies about pleasure. Ask me anything. Want to know about the physiological aspects of sex? Or how to do things? Or what to expect with things, like your first time? Or oral sex, or masturbation? Just ask me. If I don't know, I'll tell you, but I've helped many ladies understand these and more, including relationship advice, particularly in the sexual area. No question is forbidden or stupid---anything you want an answer for is fine. Also, I like telling bedtime stories to appreciative ladies, any age.

Email me to find out other ways to contact me...I prefer chatting on Yahoo Messenger at first, then if you want to move to phone after you're comfortable, that would be fine...Or, we could just chat on Messenger.

If you appreciate what I've been saying in all the preceding, you will have noted that this won't cost you a thing, as long as you have Messenger (which is free to download).

Talk to me...I'm very easy to get along with, and I will try to help as best I can, with anything...

I will not respond to inquiries from men.

Note that due to NF's ineptness, they have placed me in this category (second time they've moved me, for no apparent reason---seems as if everytime they "improve" things, they just make things worse), and even though under the "Edit listing" screen it says we can change the topic we're listed under, we can't change the category, so I either have to stay here or lose the meager rating I already have....perhaps some nice lady will find me regardless, no thanks to NF. If she does, I will reward her in such a way that will benefit her and her alone.

Also due to incompetence, NF frequently neglects to inform me when I'm receiving a call. If you try to call me only to find that NF tells you I am unavailable, don't believe it for a minute---if I'm available, I'm sitting at my computer and NF screwed things up yet again. If this happens to you, just please email me saying you tried to call and I will send you 5 free minutes (NF no longer tells me who attempted calling so, otherwise there's no way of my knowing YOU called). I'm sorry for your inconvenience, but it isn't my fault.