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True alpha male here without some silly script and rant like so many broke college boys trying to save up to buy some faggy A&F sweater. Call me if you want to talk to a real man that owns fags for real.

Connect live with me to experience true evil one on one - just be careful, as I can't promise you won't be permanetly altered afterwards. You will probably become completely addicted to me and the sadism and control I deliver.

I have no problem fucking fags - hey I am enlightened. Just remember who the boss is and we'll be fine. Maybe not fine, but any renovations to your mind and body will be for your own good. If you're a self hating fag though, I also don't have a problem with reducing your self esteem completely.

I recognize that so many of you have been lying to the world and gotten married to women you cant stand-- women you'd rather watch me fuck that have to fuck yourself. Maybe you even want to lap up our fuck juices that are dripping off my balls?

If you are too chicken shit to connect live and find out what the reality of your nature is -- deep down inside - listen to my recordings and see if you can resist my darkness. My recorded calls where I talk about stuff me and friends have done are updated every Wednesday, so make sure you have a dirty sock or a cumrag nearby-- assuming I allow you to cum. I doubt you can get through the whole recording without spilling your pathetic fag load. Look for new texts on Monday.

Now pick up your phone and call me. NOW fag boy!

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