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This Dominican Hottie loves to be on her Knees...

I remember leaving a bar and being kind of tipsy, I had on this hot little outfit. My handful sized tits up and out of my top and my skirt kinda' short that when I leaned over the trunk of my car, anyone could've seen the bottom of my buttocks. It was so hot out that July night, sweat was dripping down the side of my neck, down my back, and between my ass cheeks.

This guy, Miguel was his name I think offered to give me a ride as I didn't want to drive drunk, I accepted. He waved his brother over to get in the car since the bouncers were getting restless with the parking lot crowd. I got in the SUV's backseat and with Miguel and his brother Alex started driving. They were both so hot we began flirting. In no time we were all over each other, my hand on his bulging crotch and his hands all over and up under my big, sweet ass. Thank goodness for crotchless panties huh? By this time Alex was getting a little distracted as he kept looking in the rear view mirror. He stops the car near a park by the overpass. He turns around and doesn't even say a word, he just watches while he rubs his aching crotch. By this time I'm standing in front of Miguel un zipping his trousers and am going down on is cock as if it was my last meal.

Slurping, gagging and being talked to dirty was turning me on so much, Alex noticed, since my big beautiful ass was in his face, my pretty, pretty pussy dripping with such wetness he pulled out his piece right there and began to pull, tug, and yank on it while burying his face in my cunt.

Miguel was about to explode when I stopped suddenly and told Alex to get out and open the back passenger door. So there I am back to sucking cock, my long brown hair and breasts bobbing and swaying as now Alex who's sitting on the edge of the seat, gets my luscious warm mouthpiece on his dick. While sucking the shit out of his dick, I'm standing as Miguel starts to fuck me from behind outside the truck.

Alex grabs my hair slightly and thrusts his thickness into my mouth over, and over, over again. Miguel grabs my hips and ass and thrusts his equally big cock into my pussy repeatedly. Spanking my ass as it's firmness begins to jiggle under the extreme pressure of his balls beating into me. Alex is about to come I feel him tense up and speed up. I tell him to stop so he won't let go yet.

I tell them to stop as I sit on top of Alex and begin to ride him, Miguel gets behind me and eases his cock slowly into my ass. I'm getting fucked silly and it feels good. He's lovin' my pussy to the fullest. A tight pick pussy and an even tighter asshole. They are about to come soon, Miguel behind me tenses up first and them Alex. The thrusts get deeper & longer and then they both groan and fill me full of cream. Now, don't you wish you were there to get a piece of me? Oh, you can. All you gotta do is call me...

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