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Young Men's Guidance In Sexual Pleasures

Sex tips for the young man from a petite, sexy southern woman with a lifetime of experience in sensual seduction. What I can teach you, young man, are the many variances of the sexual act. How to create an experience for both you and your partner that you will savor long after you're spent and she'll believe you to be the world's greatest lover. Think back to your last sexual encounter (that included another person :)...certainly you were satisfied but was she? Are you sure? Ever wondered if your partner was "faking it"? At your age, most young men are all about sexual QUANTITY - getting laid as often possible! For you, all sex is great sex. Women, on the other hand, are a bit more complex and most often are left unsatisfied & sexually frustrated. Wanna learn about GREAT sex while you're still at your sexual peak instead of going through life ignorant of the pleasurers you could've experienced? It's like an art form, it's molding & maturing, tweeking & fine-tuning. It's a seduction of the mind as well as the body. Imagine seducing a woman mentally AND physically - imagine yourself being seduced mentally....WHAT A RUSH!!! There is no price too high to pay to learn what I'm offering to teach you - it'll be a lifetime of pleasure for you and all those fortunate enough to receive the benefits of your early education.