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Why Do Sissies Suck? Listen to Mistress Scarlet!



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Mistress Scarlet
The Ultimate Financial Predatrix

Are you ready to become my prey?

  • 40 years old
  • 21 years BDSM experience
  • 100% lesbian, 100% dominant
I am gorgeous, aggressive, intelligent, and bitchy. I control weak, submissive, sex-obsessed men with my beauty and my dominant personality. As a lesbian, my only interest in you is using you and abusing you.
Worship my beauty!

I am a lifestyle domina, currently living in Minneapolis. I have lived, worked and studied in Las Vegas, Manhattan, Quito, Quebec and Valladolid. As you can see, I am extremely beautiful, with auburn hair and deep brown eyes. My exotic looks combined with my voluptuous body captivate slaves and civilians of all genders, and my superior mind holds my playthings indefinitely. I know what you want and what you are thinking. My hold over you is mental, physical and emotional, and you will submit to me completely: mind, body and spirit.

I am a true domina, not an actress. Do I have something to prove by telling you this? No. I simply know that in this time of silly teenaged girls and middle-aged housewives calling themselves dommes simply because they have memorized a few catch phrases and taken a few photos of themselves in fetish wear, a true dominant woman must distinguish herself from the pack in order to be noticed and paid.

Mistress Scarlet puts a slave in his place!

The problem with sissies isn't that they are more feminine that other men. In fact, I applaud your efforts, my little sissies! Masculinity is despicable. You are closer to Womanhood than 99% of the men in America, and for that I am almost impressed. Almost. Because you are never going to reach your goal. In this recording I berate and humiliate you, not for emulating femininity, but rather, for falling short.

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Usually, sissies have other fetishes and addictions in addition to their need to be dress up in slutty lingerie. After listening to this recording, take a look at the profiles below and see how many fit you. If you feel the need to discuss your inadequacies with me live, check this button:

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Which of these profiles best describes you?

The Sissy Crossdresser

  • Loves wearing ladies' lingerie
  • Tries to look like a beautiful woman, but only succeeds in looking like a silly sissy
  • Acts like a typical male slut, but wants to displace these issues onto his so-called "femininity"
  • Often has a large collection of lacy panties, stockings, etc.

The Closet Homosexual

  • Obsessed with the idea of sucking cock
  • May also wish to be fucked in the ass by a man or shemale
  • Wants to be "forced" to live out his fantasies, so that he doesn't have to accept responsibility for them
  • Often married (or divorced)

The Compulsive Masturbator

  • Drools over pictures of beautiful porn goddesses
  • Jerks off multiple times a day
  • Surfs the web for porn late at night (and sometimes at work)
  • Often obsessed with lesbians and lesbian sex

The Paid Sex Addict

  • Pays prostitutes for sex
  • Visits strip clubs on a regular basis
  • Gets off on the fact that he has to pay

The Cuckold

  • Suspects (or knows) that his wife is cheating
  • Begs his wife for sex, but gets DENIED
  • Fantasizes about watching his wife with her lover

The Sexual Inadequate

  • Cannot satisfy a woman during sex
  • Has a tiny little penis
  • Has difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection
  • Has been humiliated by women who refuse him once they see his limp little dick

The Nerd

  • Lost his virginity late, or may still be a virgin
  • Shy and socially awkward, especially around beautiful women
  • May be intelligent and/or successful, but still can't get laid

The Old Man

  • Old, fat, balding, and/or ugly
  • Dreams about sex with hot girls in their late teens and early twenties
  • Often married to an old woman
  • May have been attractive and/or virile in his youth, but those days are long gone

The Fetishist

  • Has a particular fetish that he is obsessed with
  • Common fetishes include shoes, feet, smoking, panties, leather, domination, and long hair
  • Has difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection without his fetish item

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