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Reduced rate ensnarement line

Mistress Scarlet
The Ultimate Financial Predatrix
  • 41 years old
  • 22 years BDSM experience
  • 100% lesbian, 100% dominant
Here's my favorite feedback comment ever: "Thinks she's a therapist. Sexy as a filing cabinet." I think the jerk who wrote it meant it as an insult, but it highlights my interests and abilities wonderfully.

Whether you are applying to serve me online/on the phone, calling for advice or simply wanting to confess your weaknesses to a gorgeous, intelligent, bitchy woman, you should know that I am a strong, aggressive, true domina; not a telephone actress. I do not do fantasy role-plays for your amusement. I'd rather grill you about your fantasies, history, lifestyle, thoughts & plans. I control weak, submissive, sex-obsessed men with my beauty & my dominant personality. As a lesbian, my only interest in you is using & abusing you.

This particular line is for weak-willed pay slaves who are ready to serve me by purchasing paid mails, sending tributes, shopping online, etc. If you don't follow my orders, I will hang up on you and block you from this line.

Worship me!

I have a graduate degree and many years real-time BDSM experience. I have lived, worked and studied in Minneapolis, Quito, Manhattan, Las Vegas, Quebec and Valladolid. My extreme beauty and luscious body captivate slaves and civilians of all genders, and my superior mind holds my playthings indefinitely. I know what you want and what you are thinking. My hold over you is mental, physical and emotional, and you will submit to me completely: mind, body and spirit.

Are you interested in long-term financial exploitation by a qualified, beautiful, articulate domme? Then open up to me... What's your biggest weakness? A particular fetish? Verbal humiliation? Fear? Do you get stiff just thinking about sliding that cold, hard cash out of your pocket & slipping it to me? Call me to begin the interview/application process. Don't expect this call to be like any other conversation you've ever had. I will probe you deeply. You will lay bare your soul. Even if you are not a suitable servant for me, this will be an intense, interactive learning experience.

Unless, of course, you're just a wanker who expects to sit back & passively receive my creativity, insight and passion without contributing anything besides the cost of the call. Then I'll hang up on you & you'll be left to wonder why I am worshipped by so many.

Some Archetypical Callers

The Compulsive Masturbator

  • Schedules prolonged masturbation sessions, increasing and decreasing stimulation to delay orgasm as long as possible.
  • Consumes pornography and contacts sex workers late at night or early in the morning to avoid being caught by a significant other, or else stops dating altogether.
  • Skips normal social activities in order to allot more time for masturbation.
  • At the peak of a compulsive cycle, has difficulty keeping his hands out of his pants at his desk, while driving, or in other inappropriate situations.

The Paid Sex Addict

  • Is primarily aroused by the act of paying for sexual stimulation.
  • Visits strip clubs seeking the greediest dancers to turn him on and take his cash.
  • Calls phone sex/phone domination lines on a regular basis.
  • May pay for direct sexual contact, but most often is actually paying for the thrill of being denied.

The Fetishist

  • A true fetishist, in the Freudian sense, cannot become aroused in the absence of his fetish object.
  • Common fetish objects include women's shoes, undergarments, or specific body parts.
  • However, there are endless items destined to become fetish objects for at least one lonely soul with the desire to recreate a cherished (and/or feared) sexual memory.
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Fees & Fines

Have you fucked up? Save me the trouble of punishing you by clicking on the button that best matches your offense, then opening the paid mail to pay the fine.

How dare you hang up on me! ($20)

Did you come without permission? ($15)

No feedback?! ($5)

Too intimidated to call? ($20)