Phone Sex

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Simply an acquired taste. Chat ready, Read 1st

I have a natural ability for condescension. Explore My Mind, Free Audio :). Cam instead? :). Need to talk, discuss your fantasies. Stroke if you must but I don't want to hear masturbatory grunts. Life dictates availability. Expectation in clients?

  • Willing curiosity
  • Converse creatively
  • Be prepared — Have all your favorite party items :)

I am not willing to break any law for your entertainment. If my steps go beyond your comfort, please do not pick up your phone. (A little friendly advice. :)

I love: Confessions, cucks, flirting, fagettes, heteroflexibles, gender fluidity, slutification/sissification, intoxication, and miserable Marriages.

Not for discussion: Blackmail, foot fixation, AB/DL, and extreme verbal humiliation. Honestly, if I felt a need to own your sorry ass, I’d seriously have to question my sanity. I will never grasp foot love. I am not here to clean imaginary diapers or bark orders.