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DECADENCE:(adj) characterized by or appealing to self-indulgence...

I fully enjoy my decadent, self-indulgences with which the pleasures of the body AND the mind create. The only thing I enjoy more is appealing to YOUR decadence and YOUR indulgences.

You can sit back and let my sensuality take you to the pinacle of ecstacy--sending sheer pulses of pleasure throughout your entire can take control of me with your unbridled passion and do what you will.

Either way, you will be taken to places that will fill all of your self-indulgences, wishes, desires and fantasies...

Don't wait any further, fulfill your decadence with me! Lose yourself in my sweet, sultry voice....take a part of me and leave a part of you...

I am made uncommon
by the need to know you
and thereby come
to know myself
(Taken from Rome Itself by Rod McKuen)