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Opportunity of a lifetime - Training for boys

Princess Kimi awaits your devotion...

Send me a gift or a Tribute!

How many times have you called someone only to be dissapointed by the "Domme" on the other end of the line? She says exactly what you want to hear and you know she's reading it off the same page she read to the last loser who called her. You may be a loser but even losers like you deserve some origionality. You know calling your Princess is the only way to feel used, abused, and wonderfully tortured like only "I" know how.

I am a LIFESTYLE Prince$$ and I know exactly how you should be acting and I won't let you get away with a minute of not treating me that way. Active in the NYC Scene with over 12 years BDSM experience, I know what your kinks and fetishes are all about. Don't settle for someone who doesn't have the knowledge or the desire to demand the best from you.

I am the Princess you have been waiting for. You want to pamper me and serve my every whim.

And you know what my whims are? You spending your hard earned money on me.

  • You will lavish me with expensive gifts to please me.

  • You will offer me Tributes so that I can live in the manner befitting a true Princess.

  • You will do whatever I desire to please me, in the vain hope that your hardest efforts may bring the smallest smile to my beautiful face.

  • You will sit at my perfectly manicured feet ready to perform whatever small task I find you worthy of.

And in return?

You will get the sublime pleasure that only comes with complete submission and devotion to my needs and my happiness...

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~My Favorite Activities~

Financial Slavery, Pain, Teasing, Orgasm Denial, Humiliation, Foot Worship, Forced Fem, Forced Bi, Corporal Punishment, StrapOn Worship, Gender Transformation,Cock Ownership, small dick Humiliation, Mandated Masturbation, Enforced Chastity, Cuckoltry, Smothering, Objectification, Ashtray, Footstool, Throne, Sensory Deprivation, Edge Play, various types of Training and so many more things....

Since I am constantly asked how boys can start their training with me and perhaps be considered for ownership I will make it easy. If you are not just calling to get off and you honestly want to become a little more dedicated and call me on a regular basis, you can start by doing the three assignments that follow. Once they are ALL done I will consider you for a more permanent addition to my stable.

Now, Before you do anything else, I want you to print out this picture of me and put it in your wallet, right next to My money. That way you'll always be reminded of who you belong to...

Now call me. You're mine and we both know it...