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First Light

Mistress First Light''''s Money slaves

A Mistress with a style

Mistress First Light

A scholarly oriented Female Supremacy Her highness Princess Mistress First Light is making Female Domination into a science and art form

My external enormous beauty comes within My internal qualities: I have a cruel side in Me, inspirational philosophical side, artistic side, practical side, humouristic side, dramatic side I have it all...

I brought the first light to the universe, which means I RULE.

I am a different Mistress, a warrior whose weapons are the light and energy which conquers men and women. My target is to humiliate the men, who are filthy creatures, while liberating the women who deserves a better treatment. Once you are enslaved to Me, My mind's presence penetrates every thought of yours and every pore in your body as I am able to visualize and see you once you are connected to Me... you feel invaded but yet, you cannot help it but you want it to continue powerless, helpless, weeping like a pathetic bitch ... what a suffer... but you embrace it as you love the pain, you need the pain and you also crave it. The stronger the pain, the more you want it and crave for it... you begin to cherish that pain and wait for it with agony. My energy is too intense to endure, yet too enchanting to resist. My sultry voice will hypnotize your being to obey My commands as you grovel at My feet.

All you maggotts bow down to your ruler Her highness Princess Mistress First Light. I own you and you will obey My every comand. I am your Goddess! You need me I don't need you.

here: 1-800-ASK-KEEN extension: 0184854. Submissive men Money slaves are most welcome and are

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Don’t I know how you think? you little wanker…
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