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Phone Sex

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Sexy Tattooed Goddess


Ok, on your knees slaves! I want you down low to the ground where you can get a really good close look at my lovely feet and legs. Down on the ground is where you belong. My feet need to be pampered, kissed, sniffed, licked and massaged! My toes need to be sucked. If you think you deserve a chance to worship my wonderful feet then call me and I'll tell you all about my feet, stockings, sexy high heels, smelly slippers and even my old running shoes.

Send me an email to recieve a week's SNEAK PREVIEW into my Private Stable which includes 100's of HOT NASTY Femdom photos of me and my slaves. Username and password for the week is only $6.99 using Keen mail. This is a rare chance to get closer to a lifestyle dominatrix that gets wet dominating the weaker sex. EMAIL ME FOR YOUR PASSWORD TODAY!!

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I love to be cruel and deprive you of your bread and water until you do exactly what I want you to do!! Worship me, enslaved prisoner!

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I'm serious, do it quickly!! It's only $1.99 a min.! Call NOW!

Recording only $1.99 a minute. 25 RULES THAT ALL SLAVES MUST FOLLOW!! Call now:

Listen to a prerecorded message of Me training my sissy bitch! This is a good way to hear my voice and find out if my training methods are for you! Only $1.99 a minute! For prerecorded press this button:

**Keen mail me for a link to my gorgeous website that has 100's of photos that Keen doesn't allow me to post here because it's so HOT!**

Maybe if Mr. "Not very inspired" below could speak English, he'd be a little more inspired! He's been banned from calling! Be respectful when you call boys or this could happen to you too!