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Citizen Savage

Violating Polite Society Is The Function Of Freaks

Hello loser, I'm Mistress Joy. Get your freak on with me. I will take your filthiest fantasy and make it my own. You are a perfect pervert for a real lifestyle dominant like me, and I fully intend to prove to you your worthlessness with: financial abuse, corporeal punishments, sexual brainwashing and mind control, nipple and CBT, tease and denial, cuckold, nasty sissy chamber maid humiliations, and best of all, total fantasy immersion. I know you phone sluts live in your heads, and that's where I get you. Some slaves remain cyber slaves forever. I make all the choices here and from now on, bitch boy, and you will get used to that!
For those of you who know Me, you know I will take over your fantasy and make it My own. For those of you who are about to know Me, you will find out just how well I rule men.
Fantasy must be the Realm in which we venture as far as our imagination will take us. An infinite, orgasmic journey. Unless I refuse to let you cum at all, in which case an erection and blue balls is all you will receive.
Make yourself Mine, and I become your ULTIMATE PERSONAL TEMPTRESS. This is about thinking the unthinkable, and crossing lines that others fear to cross. How perverted that cock makes you will stay our dirty little secret. Whatever polite sensibilities you possess, I will rip them up or disregard them. Polite society does not understand us savages, and most of the time, tries to pretend we don't exist, or that eventually we will get tired of playing our little games and come in from the cold. No way. We savages like it cold, because whatever is cold to the prudes is hot to us. You can't drive the savages underground, we are the underground. The prudish world that walks above has no clue of what goes on right beneath their pigeon-toed feet.
Tell me your pleasure and I will corrupt it! Call now . . . Call Button

A Few of the Fetishes that I enjoy:
  • Nasty Role Play,
  • Nasty Sex Toys,
  • Sensual Teasing,
  • Desperate Male Student/Employee,
  • All Male Gang Bangs,
  • cuckold,
  • Bisexuality, Mine and yours
  • Naughty Neighbor w/Handcuffs,
  • Erotic Intellectual Conversations,
  • Wife's Best Friend/Sister/Boss,
  • Public Sex,
  • Over the Knee Spankings,
  • Punishments, and rewards
  • Virgin Male Ass
  • Worship of My Sexy Feet,
  • Outdoor Sex

Memorize my interests slave so you can better amuse me! Punishment, humiliation, physical bondage, mental bondage, fantasy role play, butt plugs, anal invasions, ass worship, atm pigs, ball stretching, blackmail fetish, blow job faggot slaves, blow jobs forced bi, cash pigglets, money slaves, cbt, chastity belts, chores and domestic service, sissy training, pain endurance training, cock whipping, cuckolding men, armpit licking, daily training, PPV abuse, denial, exhibiting you at party, party slave favor, sharing slave, scheduled slave tribute, selling slave, auction slave, fantasy roleplay, wallet raping, gags, smothering, breath play, high heel worship, ice cubes, paddle, riding crop, pony slave, foot stool slave, kneeling slaves, man ridicule, money gifts, tributes, oral rimming by slaves, ass worship, taboo discussion, orgasm control, orgasm denial, outdoor sex, indoor sex, extreme ass worship, office sex, fetish party, pussy worship, sensory deprivation, shaving body hair, sissy fag cum whores, sissy maids, sissy training, slavery, speech control (when, what), spanking, strap on dildo, face sitting, dirty tricks, tattooing slaves, verbal humiliation, actual humiliation, r/t domination.

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