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Master Spade

Domination by phone/mail for submissive women

Lrd Aldor is looking for new subs. Are you willing to give yourself to me? Completely and without question? My control IS what you seek. The rewards of serving are many, while the failure ends in punishment and/or humiliation. Do you think you can endure that which I have? If you are learning, I will be fair. If you now what you want, I will be exacting. My commands are to be followed without question. I have 2 rules above all others. 1. Honesty and respect are paramount. 2. No Lying. Anything can be discussed, but those 2 things must be present. Failure to obey those 2 are grounds for dismissal from my service, for a period of time. How long? That is for me to decide. I will allow certain things as I see fit. Remember this, your body is mine to use. Your mind is mine to control. Entrust them to my care and they will grow and be cared for. Thus vows Lrd Aldor!! What do you vow? Are you ready to meet the challenge of giving yourself up to another? I'll be the judge of that!