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Fetish and erotism expert who uses hypnosis

Hypnotic Greetings: I am Lady Elizabeth and have been into the alternative lifestyle for 6 years. Fetishes, BDSM, Hypnosis, Erotism all help Me to cope with My more primal sexuality in ways that allow Me to live a good moral life. I am a trained nurse with lots of psychology so I assit others with thier fantasies, desires, sexual interests in ways that are not involving actual sexual contact with Me personally, however extremely intoxicating as I touch that primal side within you. I also am very wide and controling so I do give out advice to assit others with jsut about anything from the wild to coping with many problems in everyday life. Recently two men have had serious life threatening illnesses. One had cancer of the colon at age 34 and the other has Grave's disease at age 25. Recently I am helping some cope with our attack of Sept. 11, 2001. I am almost 50.... look 35 and act 16. I am known to many at a Fetish Diva and to some Mistress. Some look at Me as a mentor, or a guide, or a confessor where they can chat about soem very kinky things they have done. Many want to talk to Me to make sure they are sane and not perverted. There is a Universe for each of us to explore. As for myself I am very seductive looking and men from all over the planet are seeking Me out for many different reasons. I am also blessed with gifts in the paranormal realm and I have given soem psychic reading in the past. My abilities allow Me to be wild and erotic meeting men and women from all over. I am a good judge of character and I read minds very well so I am able to screen people out very well. I also have the ability to plant suggestive ideas in a persons mind that can surface during the night time as they sleep. I am telepathic and empathic. I will say that I am a very spiritual person and am kind to all. I am very intelligent, bright, wise, and I have my own views on how to live my life in ways out of the norm. Most think I am wild becasue I go for what I want. I decided this year to take two lovers. One man and one woman. They each will date only me exclusively and they will never be with me at the same time. I had waited two years or more for a lover...although I am constantly aroused and wet. I have children who are older and they just know that thier mom does not look or act like I should for my age so they have a hard time with you vibrant side. I live my life for myself and I have put my personal baggage behind me and got over all of my hang ups. I want to be a writer someday to share with others what I have experienced and know about the erotic side of life. I am on the internet and url's will be provided. My most recent fetishes are smoking which i started 4 months ago on mothers day in 2001, latex, pvc,Gothic, corsets, gloves, and cigarette holders. Lingerie, leather, high heels, stockings, boots,exotic makeup, garters etc.. are still enjoyed by me as well. Please know that I am very private and am protective of keeping things somewhat secretive.. so anything you tell me stays with me. Latex Smoking Goth.......blows a smokey kiss