Phone Sex

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I call you on the phone wondering what you are doing, you tell me nothing but what did I have in mind. I tell you to come on over and I will show you. You being a curios woman decide why not. You drive on over trying to think what I am cooking up. As you pull up, you are going crazy because you have no idea what awaits you. I leave a note on the door telling you to come on in. As you enter your nose smells our wonderful meal still cooking and the scent of two dozen roses all around.

I finally appear and ask if you would like a massage as our food finishes and you say yes. Just then, you imagine you are on the table on your stomach. There is a towel under you because the table is cold. I reach for the bottle of strawberry flavored massage oil that I have been warming up. Then I slowly let the droplets hit your back as I spread it evenly over your body. I start with your shoulders and work my way down to your hips rubbing in small firm but gentle circles "I bet you are are feeling relaxed about now," I smile softly down at you. As I kiss your soft sexy body from head to toe. As you moan and groan for more. I continue only because I am being asked. And then you let me know you are ready. Ready to love.

Ready to make love. I ask if you are sure you tell me yes. I carry you over to my bed and slowly kiss your soft gentle sweet breasts. While doing so you move my hand lower and lower. Letting me know you are ready to explode. I make sure you are good and wet and then I THRUST MYSELF INTO YOU, but wait. You awake in your room alone wishing that dream was true. It can be if you give me a call.