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Delicious Diana

~Delicious Diana~ Your Fantasy Lady


Hi There ! My name is Diana and I am a Blue Eyed Blond ~ Exotic Dancer.

Hello to all you Men out There ! I am Delicious Diana ~ an Exotic Dancer and I would love to show you a good time.

ISN'T ORAL SEX A BEAUTIFUL THING, FOR BOTH PARTNERS. THE GIVING AND PLEASURING INVOLVED ? I think it is the most Sensual form of Love Making ! And I am a MASTER at my Craft ! I bet I can give you a Blow Job like no one else ever has done before! I learned my Tricks of The Trade from the Famous Madam Athena!

I like to make every man feel special and especially love to please him orally! I also have a nice "deep-throat" for your pleasure. I just love the feel of my lips wrapped around your hard cock, the taste of you on my tongue, the moans I hear as I suck you until you explode all over my breasts! I love the feel of hot cum on my breasts, tongue, and more! Listen to me as I tell you what I would like to do to you ...Do you like to hear a woman moan for you? Like to hear her get excited ?

I've sucked alot of cock in my time, and BELIEVE ME ~ I KNOW what I'm doing! Call me...Darlin'...I'd LOVE to turn you on! And I would like it if you would tell me in detail how you would turn me on as well. That way I can CUM WHEN YOU CUM AS WELL !

Give me a call ~ we can talk about anything ! I would love to hear from you !


I began work at a classy, downtown strip club. I danced twice an evening. The first, earlier dance was done mostly clothed in a tight skirt which would scoot up to reveal a black g-string. By the end I would slowly remove the shirt, then the lace bra, freeing voluptuous breasts. They would sit watching , eyes wide and mouths open, just wanting to encompass those lovely assets into their mouths. The second dance would be more energetic, writhing upon the stage. This time I would fully unclothe. The skirt and g-string would come off and find themselves on the floor. They would watch her hungrily, each titillating movement driving them further in their desire of her.

After finishing and again clothed I would go to their tables. They bought drinks, rolled joints and I would sit on their laps. For extra money I would let them fondle my breasts. This they did with great care and attention. They would lift them up, one by one, caressing them, pinching her nipples and imagining what they would do with them if they only had the chance.

One guy waited for me to leave one evening. He then followed to my apartment and put his hand over my mouth and pushed me up the stairs. "I want you," he said, "I want you the way you , I want to be the man you were changing for." He kissed me hard on the lips and I weakened under the pressure. I was full of unfulfilled lust. "Change for me," he said. I began doing the famous dance of the striptease. Slowly pulling the loose, silk dress over my head. "Take off the rest," he demanded. I slowly released her breasts. They fell out of their constraints and landed in front of him. I shook them in his face, brushing them past his nose. Then pulled them back and turned around; shook my hips and bent down to touch the floor, shoving my ass into the air. I stood up and stepped out of the g-string, dancing before him naked.

His cock was hard. He began stroking it as he watched me dance. I liked the effect it was having on him and danced harder. He got up and pulled me close to him. He pressed himself against me and I could feel the stiffness of his sex against my leg.

He pulled them down on the floor and began making love to my breasts. He stuck his prick in between them and drew in and out, faster and faster. My legs and hips were writhing; I tried to push him down on top of me but he wouldn't budge. I placed her own hand between my legs and began rubbing. I was begging him to take her. He removed my hand and entered me. I drew my hips up to meet him and he rammed himself into me over and over.

When he was almost ready to come he flipped me over on my back and entered from behind, pushing my face into the floor. Suddenly we both came, shaking together with the intensity of it .Then I knelt down and placed his cock in my mouth and sucked hard, taking it in deeper and deeper until it was almost down my throat. I would pull it out until just the head was in my mouth then gently encircle it with my tongue. I pushed him back and mounted him pulling up to the tip of his dick head then pushed my body again and again, rubbing my clit against his cock until I came. He rolled me over and pumped a few more times than withdrew, spraying his sticky fluid all over my stomach....

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