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Lady Mercy

Guided Masturbation +Tease and Denial Hotline

I'm The Boss...

By reproducing the manipulations used on my personal submissives, you experience the same sensations they feel while tied to my lovely bondage table.

Since this is sensation play at its finest, following directions can make or break the experience. Close your eyes and listen carefully.

About the Session...
 I give commands and you execute them.
"Place your hand "x", Move your hand "Y".
It is extremely literal and bare bones,
while I listen to the sounds you make
 as you execute each command.
With your moaning, groaning,
and heavy breathing
I gauge the effect of each sensation
 and either increase
 or decrease intensity by giving
 another command.
If you remain silent, the session's energy dies off
so don't be shy with the heavy breathing, groans, and moans!
Tease and Denial
Each session features pacing, designed to test your ability to hold back that urge to spew.
I may speed things up or slow them down to prevent your reaching the point of no return.

Like any good sadist, and I am nothing if not sadistic,
 I might not let you cum!
I take perverse pleasure in picturing you walking through your work day with blue balls and a dribbling prick.

However, I do take pity on those who, having not been allowed to cum during their initial session, return and beg for permission.

Ruined Orgasms
I love adding a bit of confusion when I hear the telltale grunts and whines of an approaching orgasm.

I might launch into mental imagery designed to divide your attention, or I might yell "stop" right when your desire to squeeze and frantically rub is at its greatest.

Don't be surprised if your orgasm ends up dribbling out, all because you cannot touch your throbbing cock to milk off those last drops!

You'll Need Two Items...

Lubricant is required!
Every maneuver from "jelly jar" to "pool cue" is based on what I would do to you. Since I use lube during these special "reward" sessions, you'll need lube to feel the sensations and to avoid decidedly non-erotic pain within the first few minutes of your session.

Also, a dildo is always a plus for those who enjoy prostate stimulus during these sessions. This is not a requirement, though!


I never use "pocket pussies" for these sessions, so don't bother bringing one!

The first Guided Masturbation session
 is usually the shortest,
 but subsequent sessions are usually longer.

This aspect of play also serves as stamina training,
and some say this training makes you
 last longer during real life, "vanilla" sexual encounters.
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