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Welcome to my fetish cam line! I use Google+ and Skype. Skype of course being the best! I love to party on my cam! Total fun with your Princess! LIVE FETISH CAM COME AND GET IT!

What I don't do on my live cam:
I don't do anal
I don't do spread shots
I don't plow my pussy

What I DO love doing on my live cam:
Foot Fetish Shows
Pantyhose Fetish Shows
Legs Fetish Shows
Ass worship Shows
Titty Breast Fetish Shows
Smoking cam shows
Strap-on cock play
Fetish wear
Goddess Worship cam shows
Dominance and your submission
Play Sci-Fi Fantasies
Watching you jerk off on your cam
I allow you to speak about any fetish desire you might have
Being live on my web cam while you party,drink,do poppers and or binging. I drink wine and will party with you.
Jerk off on your own face
Financial Domination
Humiliation Name Calling
Orgasm Denial
Dominatrix Fem Domme
Lingerie wear(request before hand)

I am the girl next door with the twisted mind. The girl who has the innocent look, yet still intimidates you with her beauty. You willingly surrender control to Me as I lead you on your path to submission. Whether you crave to crawl to My feet to worship Me, to have your ass spread open and fucked by Me, to suffer pain for Me, or to be humiliated by Me, I will find your weaknesses. I will pimp you out, dress you up like the slut that you are, use you as My footstool and fuck your ass with My heel, or amuse Myself by using your balls for some CBT – it all depends on My mood.

There is no reason to keep your submissive and fetish desires a secret any longer – let’s explore your dark fantasies together. The path to enlightenment is found by crawling behind Me on My leash. START CRAWLING NOW. Denying yourself is not a decision for you to make anymore; ONLY I WILL DENY YOU. Enter MANDY-LAND to discover MY Dominance and your submission. I am the woman you see in My photo's, a 100% REAL and DOMINANT BITCH. I may use you as My footstool and dig My heels into your back, or I may slip off My shoe and rest My perfectly pedicure foot on your face. Don’t even think of sticking that tongue out to lick My toes without first begging for permission. I do love trampling My foot boys; standing on your chest in My black patent boots brings an evil grin to My face. If you’re a good foot boy, I may allow you to remove my boots and worship My stocking feet, or you may have My sweaty socks in your face after I get back from jogging. I don’t keep all of My foot boys behind closed doors; you may find yourself at My feet in your office or in the shoe store when you take Me shopping.

I have an extensive collection of heels and boots so I know that you won’t be disappointed. Oh, I do hope that you like the taste of your own cum; you’ll be licking it off the sole of My shoe when I’m through with you. So, enter MANDYLAND now and come to the place where you long to be – AT MY FEET.

+ Fetish Princess – Sensual Controlling Temptress +

+ Long Legs and pedicure Feet – Black Silky Lingerie +

+ Sissy-Boys Teased and Abused + If you are new you can get your first three minutes of phone sex free by clicking here.

± Foot boys for foot and shoe worship

I adore My foot boys, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be treated like the groveling little doggies that you are. You can yearn to sniff and kiss My Princess Feet. How badly do you want to feel My stocking feet resting on your face, or the heel of My pump or boot pressing against your throat as you look up at Me.

"A strap-on goes with any outfit." - Princess Mandy
± Strap-on Play

I believe that a strap-on goes with any outfit. My favorite way to take a subbie’s ass is to wear My strap-on over My jeans, rip down the subbie’s pants, put him on his hands and knees, and take his ass while he’s on the floor. I enjoy taking a man’s pride away from him, and nothing accomplishes that better than a good ass fucking with My strap-on.

± Sissy boys and Wanna-be cocksuckers

As long as I’ve been dealing with submissive men, it still amuses Me that a “man” needs to wear panties, stockings, or even a dress complete with wig and make-up in order to do what he fantasizes about and masturbates to on a constant basis – SUCKING ANOTHER MAN’s COCK. I enjoy pimping out My sissies and having them suck cock at truck stops and public restrooms after they raid their wife’s or girlfriend’s lingerie drawers. Sissy-Boys and Cucks

± Corporal Punishment and CBT

What else is a man’s cock good for in the hands of his Domme other than being tortured and tormented? Not much. Pain sluts will have their limits tested and expanded. I enjoy listening to the whimpers and sounds of a submissive in pain. Don’t forget your safe word.

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