Phone Sex

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See my me... win me over... see more!

To some, it may be alot of fun having phone sex. But, where's the challenge? All it is, is a cheap thrill. Well, what if you had to work at it? Imagine what a great experience that would be! Much better than your run of the mill, everyday fling.

Now to the fun part... do you think YOU have what it takes? Can you sweet-talk me (a very attractive 23 year old with a gorgeous body, well-defined good looks and much more) into getting down with you? Are you real enough to handle someone REAL? Are you smooth enough to win my heart and most importantly... can you get me to AGREE to let you have your way with me?

There's the catch! It's a game, alright. But, this game has sweet rewards! If you "win" then think of the fun you'll have, and think of the pleasure you'll get out of knowing that you EARNED this one!


Wanna know who you're getting involved with? You can see my pics at but, its nothing too showy... YET!

You see, along with your "mission" to make me yours, the further you get with me on the phone, the more of me you'll get to see, courtesy of my website, and the more you get to see of me, the hotter our conversation will become!

So, c'mon, play the game! See if YOU have what it takes to win... ME!