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I present to you the profiles of four different men who have some similarities, yet are most definitely distinct in their lifestyles, fetishes and sexual roles. They are each the epitome of the ultimate male cliché in their particular worlds. There are many thousands more men who are on the verge of making a life changing decision that will add immeasurable enjoyment to their lives. Finally, there are millions of men who jerk off to the fantasies that the ultimate male cliché gets to experience in 4D repeatedly, while they are left with sticky palms and sheets.
My first male cliché is the “International.”
The International lives a world away from me. He travels from continent to continent on business and pleasure; his business finances his pleasure seeking, and he has no difficulty finding pleasure. He is a sexual deviant with a strong and varied sex drive. He has been known to suck cock and bottom in anonymous man on man sex encounters. He has fucked prostitutes of various ages and nationalities up to three at a time. He needs to be submissive in sexual situations for fulfillment. He thrives on humiliation and possible public exposure. Loves alcohol and games of chance; a definite thrill seeker. Moved to a different continent to leave his old life behind and start a ‘new’ life which includes all of his ‘old’ ways. Has the means to play the game, and lives life on the edge. Very similar to The Most Interesting Man in the World from the Dos Equis commercials.
The second male cliché is what I will label “East Coast Elite.”
This gentleman was born into wealth, has never attended a public school, and is metro-sexual. He is impeccable in everything that he undertakes except for fidelity. He is successful in his own right independent of any family connections. He recreates as hard as he works. He may or may not be married; regardless, he engages in multiple extracurricular activities including serving a mistress on-line, visiting a professional dominatrix for regular live corporal punishment sessions, calling phone sex lines, and collecting fetish specific photos, video and text. He achieves a state of calm where he can exclusively focus his attention on his Goddess. He does worship and experiences pleasure in financially serving his Goddess. He is a bitch and needs to be reminded of it at times, but deep down, he knows his place in my world.

The “Corner Office” is the next, and also a popular male cliché. This guy is wearing a jacket and tie to the office everyday, and he’s not shopping at Men’s Warehouse. He’s buying one thousand dollar suits and has a couple that have been made by a tailor. He practices a profession, is the owner/CEO of his own company, or a higher ranking government official. He is fashionable, attended a small liberal arts college and went on to obtain a professional degree, and is a great conversationalist.
He is a connoisseur of fine things, including his fetish erotica. He is selective, keeps a low profile, and enjoys the opportunities when he can enjoy his fetish. He may be thinking naughty or dark things in his mind, but he is never crass on the phone or in text. He enjoys spoiling a real girl next door who actually shares his fetish. He is old school when it comes to extramarital diversions; keep it out of the home and preferably out of the state. The “International”
My last male cliché is “Guilty as Sin.”
This poor guy can’t help himself. He can’t get the thoughts of his fetish out of his head. Images and scenarios are always floating in his mind either consciously or subconsciously. He has periods where he is not wise with his money and does something that he may regret, but it still makes his cock hard when he thinks about it in the days, weeks and possibly months between binges. He has an itch that can only be scratched by the right mistress because she is the only one who knows how to conduct his session correctly without being told. He loves what he does when he’s doing it, but when he’s finished cleaning up his mess, two tons of quilt weigh on his conscious and he swears off ever doing this again. He does it again and again, repeating the cycle. At some point, he becomes reckless and is exposed, but the change of scenery is good for him, and he experiences success because he can finally live how he wants. It’s a long journey, but eventually, his guilt is purged, and he can move on in all areas of his life. He usually wants to suck a cock, possibly while wearing panties, and he has definitely used butt plugs and dildos not for the humiliation, but because he loves the feeling of having a full man pussy. He can be reclusive at times, and and is cautious of society at large, but he manages to function two or more levels below the “East Coast Elite.”
Who are you? Who do you want to be? You may be one of these clichés presently, or you may be on the verge of moving to a higher level cliché. The rest of you need to engage your Mistress and Goddess instead of lurking in the shadows. You need to feel the experience of serving and worshiping me. The “International” knows how I can enslave a man for years and provide him guidance in his journey. The ‘East Coast Elite’ worships me as Goddess, and the ‘Corner Office’ kneels at my feet like a well-trained pet. While being ‘Guilty as Sin’, they can also be bratty at times which requires them to get a good multi-dimensional (financial, psychological and spiritual) spanking.
Who are you going to be in my world? I’m waiting for you to find your place so I can get the best out of you while you experience my unique dominance. You can live in the light where you feel safe and keep secrets, or you can experience the dark and have a life that other men envy. Yes I am the real deal... + Fetish Princess - Sensual Controlling Temptress + + Long Legs and pedicure Feet - Black Silky Lingerie + + Sissy-Boys Teased and Abused +

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