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Are you a little curious? Are you not worthy? Why knows what will happen when I'm ignoring you. All you will know is that... you do not exist to me. You WILL be ignored.!
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I see you there, you're staring at me, you're trying to catch my attention as much as you possibly can, but yet I still ignore you. You're a voyeur who wants to be a fly on the wall who wants to hear what their goddess does while completely not paying attention to you. Maybe I might call one of my girlfriends to tell them that I have some poor bastard on the phone who's PAYING me to ignore them. I might have someone over, it doesnt matter, I'm still going to ignore you. Maybe I'll pick up the phone from time to time and see if your pathetic ass is still there hoping for a shred of my attention. Whichever it is, you need to be IGNORED by the Bitch Goddess Isis.

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