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Do you like to find men to service, or to talk with about sex? Your dirty little secret, isn't it? Men home alone, for an adults-only live-talk that makes you pull out that drooling cock? Maybe you're bi, just curious, or a down-right eager cocksucker. Either way, you can stop looking and start slurping... or... talk about porn, or doin' chicks with me. I'm a brawny, rugged, all-American, str8 country boy, recently-collegiate jock stud, now near UCLA in California. I was raised in the Appalachians of Kentucky; a monster-hung former farmboy just over 11" uncut, Coke-can-thick, and a meaty, dangling foreskin. A for-real veiny and slobbery "hog!" And I'm always needing to do some good load-squirtin' from these endlessly-cum productive, big bull 'nads of mine.


Of course I use my "baby maker" when I date chicks, but I'll use any horny, wet hole I can lay my hands on, and I masturbate all the time too. My buddies call my bedroom my "Masturbatorium!" I let my phone-bone buds, curious married men and even cocksuckers hear me edge and beat my veiny sperm cannon and then shoot my big, splashy gobs of ball-goo all over my muscular, extremely hairy stomach and chest. I'm a gym rat / bodybuilder. I like to JO and let other guys see me squirt my cum-geysers. I'm a virile guy with set of manly, high-testosterone, alpha male 'nads, so I definately know how to pleasure holes and throats!!

I have a muscular build (big-boned and big bonered), blue eyes, a handsome mug, brown body hair, short haircut and both a 1pm and a 5 o'clock shadow. Size 15 feet for you foot grovelers. In high school, I was a Letterman Athlete, and have often worn my open jacket with jeans with no shirt on underneath. This drove everybody crazy because it looked like a "sweater" of dense chest and stomach hair. Guess what? I still do that, but now with a leather motorcycle jacket! I'm a virile cum stud, usually spewing a minimum of 8 loads per day and can often pound-out cum up to 3 times in only a few minutes!

Listen-in on me jackin' off and cummin' (I'm real noisy). I pass men on the sidewalk everyday near the UCLA campus, and I know from the looks I get, that they would love to know what my 'gasms are like, but they don't know that I'm on NiteFlirt -- YOU DO though! It gets me off to be on the phone talking sex as I watch porn with my lewd tongue hangin' out. Even if you just want to listen to me edge and jack, it's all cool! -- Kirt.

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