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Malevolent Seduction - Deviously Strips Your Mind

Equal Parts British Dominatrix and Storyteller
Painting with Words: High-Brow BDSM Scenarios
Sophisticated Fantasies, Intricate, Classy
Humiliatrix, Cruelatrix No shrieking. No incessant, foul screaming, nor blindly barking out commands. I don't feel phone fantasy sessions should be generic. If a one-trick pony is what you seek -- a half-crazed gal who begins straight away with, "On your knees, you f(*@@!%* worm!" -- please, do, look elsewhere.

That is not what I do.

BDSM can be esoteric. Being diabolically coerced into handing the reins of your mind and body over to a woman with a debaucherous agenda should be something you want to recall every delicious detail of again and again. *That* is what I aim for.
Doctor, Boss or Simply Devious
  • Domination:
    Mentally Stripped, Humiliated - Public Humiliation
    Bondage, CBT, Restraints (home, office, asylum...)
    Forced to Confront My Addiction to Other Men
    Renting, Selling, Owning Men
  • Unquestioning Servitude:
    Pavlovian Responses, Firm Discipline, Euphoric Rewards
  • Hypnosis:
    Hypno Sessions, False Memories, Erotic Encounters
    Instigating Cravings, Addictions, Mind Control, Unraveling
    Highly Erotic Feminization through Hypnosis
  • Roleplay:
    Stern Headmistress, Esteemed Goddess, Wicked Doctor
    Conniving Boss, Maniacal Ex, Nanny, Friend . . .
  • Chastity Training:
    Forced Masturbation, Controlled Ejaculation, Permission
  • Verbal Abuse, Subtle Deconstruction
  • Feminization:
    Sissification, Makeup, Exploring Feminism
    Forced Crossdressing, Maid, Slut
    Dildo Training, Strapon, Strap-on
  • Forced Bisexuality, Lessons in Pleasuring a Cock
    Being Transformed into a Bottom
  • Laughing at the Lack of Size
    Small Cock Ridicule, Humiliation, Degradation
  • Out of the Ordinary & Unusual are Graciously Welcomed
If you have any questions -- or are unsure if a fantasy would suit me --
just send me an email, as I would be delighted to discuss it.


1) When I ask a question, I expect it answered. Disregarding what a woman requests is poor manners in ANY setting. I shall NOT tolerate poor manners, no belligerence, poor attitudes.

2) Have more than a vague idea of what you would like to discuss. I've a short fuse for those who fail to elaborate on blanket terms, such as "used" or "own me" (yet, I've unbridled glee in store for those who provide even a modest framework). There are a great many possible connotations of any BDSM keyword -- and I'm not a psychic. There are psychics you can speak with, and women who are more than willing to hop through whatever fiery hoops you'd like. You can bet, however, that I am not one of them.

3) I shall expect some interaction -- especially at the onset of the fantasy. Hearing your voice helps me to better negotiate your buttons. If just sitting and wanking without a word is your cup of tea, I strongly suggest ringing up one of my recordings, instead of a live call, as a recording will not hang up on you.
As a writer, I've a creative nature and keen mind -- you wouldn't play kickball with a diamond, and I’ll require a similar level of respect.

Sultry Body and Ass Worship
Adoring me, inch by inch.
Approx. 10 Megs $15.00
Sissification & Afrocentric
The prelude of a fantasy centering around being
made into a whore and being delivered to group of Black men.
Approx. 12 megs $15.00