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MockTherapy: Making You Better by Making You Worse

Classy British Mock Therapy
Reveal All to the Doctor Interrogation Roleplay A long time? Never?
Ah, well, we can correct that.

I have a few veins of thought for this.
The first: A therapist roleplay, involving the subject (you)
being softly berated with questions. In a counselor setting,
the interview would be delivered with a sterile you
squirm in your seat before the lovely, posh British doctor.

The second, more candid approach, would feature me as the
ex-girlfriend, or platonic friend, who decides to pepper you
with the most embarrassing questions - delighting in your
blushing and stammering.

The third: Well, if you truly want to get "better" you'll have
to do precisely as I say, regardless of what that course of
"treatment" is.

My gentle coaxing results in your most guarded secrets being
served up on a platter. Are my comments pointed --
subtly chiding -- or are you just projecting? I know it's
exhilarating, unburdening your mind... which is why I'm
confident you'll return again and again.
Naughty Doctor
Evil Doctor
Humiliation Therapy "Don't be embarrassed, I'm not here to judge you," I'll explain.
You'll feel at ease, opening your mind and letting all those delicious
tidbits free. It's only later that you'll consider what you've done.

Of course, sometimes it takes a little more to grease the doors in your
head. Sometimes, I must take measures which seem more than slightly
drastic. The same can be said of helping you to become better. It
might even appear my suggestions cause your condition to worsen -- but
it's always darker before the storm. You'll just have to trust me.
Humiliation Therapist Degradation
Discuss Fantasies Often, these mental examinations require stepping into roles. Roleplaying your fantasies
with someone tends to sate them for a while. Again... you'll have to trust that I know best.
  • Pseudo ("Mock") Therapy Roleplay
  • Being Interviewed or Interrogation Fantasies
  • Asked Probing, and Ultimately Embarrassing Questions
  • Unveiling Hidden Desires
  • Humiliation Therapy
  • Sex Life Advice
  • Psychologist, Psychoanalyst & Psychiatrist Roleplays
  • Spilling or Sharing Your Deepest Secrets
  • A Medical Environment, Featuring Me as the "Doctor"
  • Unorthodox Means of Making You "Better"
  • Divulging Your Lack of a Sex Life to an Ex-Girlfriend
  • Having Your Fetishes and Fantasies "Analyzed"
NOTE: I am *not* qualified to dispense therapeutic advice.(Granted, that fact doesn't often stop me. However, I just
wanted to let it be known, in no uncertain terms, that any "advice" contained within the fantasy could be hazardous
to your health. It might even cause you to explode. But, I hope, in the most pleasant manner possible.)
This is a FANTASY ROLE PLAY. NOT intended for serious advice, nor real therapy.

Stimulation Therapy: Being Female

You've revealed an interest in
panties - touching them, wearing
them. So I suggest delving into
your fetish further, with some
photos as talking points. The
suggestion is made under the
guise of making you better... but
it will only add fuel to your
cravings. What the patient finds so
desirous of the female form is
fleshed out. Though not hypno, thereis a flirtation with hypnotic affect.
8 min 20 sec wmv file

Cuckold Spell

You crossed the wrong woman.
Her revenge involves a rather
compelling elixir. Your cock
won’t be the same, nor
will your wife’s taste in men.
Focus on: Cuckold, Black men/
white woman.
13 min (mp3)


Suspension Ruse

I encourage you to slip on the
panties, then coax you to let.
me tie you up… but I’m
afraid my intentions were
more devious than you thought.
Focus on light sissification,
bondage, forced bi.
16 min (mp3 file)


Guided Masturbation
Excessive masturbation has
led you to the therapist’s office.
Though she helps you, you
probably won’t be masturbating
any less frequently..
Focus on guided masturbation.
7 min (mp3 file)


Stimulation Therapy "BBC"
(a slideshow w/ voice)

During our last session, you
expressed an interest in
interracial pornography, and
a curiosity of the white
woman's opinion of black cocks.
Focus on interracial sex,
11 min 13 sec (wmv file)


Advice About the Young
Lady Next Door

The young lady next door to
you has finally blossomed --
and has taken a liking to you.
Even though you're married, she
hopes to experience you before
embarking on college. ... but
the advice I offer is more
wicked than you planned.
14 min (mp3)


Wife Trouble
This is a basis session, where you've
revealed difficulty in being intimate
with your wife. One basis session,
with a variety of outcomes...
Focus: Small Penis
8 min 53 sec (mp3)


Wife Trouble 2
Cuckold Beginnings

A possible continuation for
Wife Trouble. This focuses
on your wife being with another
man and cuckolding.
18 min 08 sec (mp3)


Breast Addiction
You've been seeking therapy as
a means to determine what's
been going wrong in your
your adoration of breasts is
a tool the wicked therapist
will use against you...
13 min 58 sec (mp3)