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Feeling Wicked? Dark Roleplay ~ Evil. Morally Bad,

Deviance without consequence -- that's what Halloween is all about. Forget about the girl next door. There won't be anything innocent about these fantasies. What will happen, and what will be left of you, when a dark lady ensnares you?

Craving the dark and foreboding, the wonder of the lab or the exhilaration of being spellbound?

Would you be my stitched-together monster -- woefully obedient to your creator? I might ply you with magical words and numb your mind to get what I please.

I might be a witch. You might be my zombie.

Just for this night, let the darkness seep in. Let the bumps in the night be the headboard... or your sanity... snapping...
Fantasy Suggestions

-- Witch or Witchcraft

-- Used by a Coven

-- Zombie or Zombified
(Mind Erased, Body Subservient)

-- Energy Drain by a Succubus

-- Tormented by a Demonic Woman

-- Seduced in Dreams

-- Apparition or Ghost
(Who Ravages You)

-- Mad Scientist
(Who Invites You Down to the Lab)

-- Wholly Evil Woman
(Who Simply Delights in Your Torment)

-- Disarmed by Her Innocence
(Then Helpless to Her Horrors)

-- Enjoy Being Chained in the Castle
(and Tormented by the Castle's Lady)

-- Having Car Trouble?
(Oh, Dear -- The Bridge is Out)

-- The Victim of Voodoo

-- ... and so many other dark roads to travel...

Witch vs Wife
You are a witch hunter, and I am a
witch who caught you. Though you are
just waking, your body has been
under my control for hours...
Cuckolding, Strap-On, Humiliation,
and Female to Female Domination.
18 min 45 sec (mp3)


The Milking Chamber
In a futuristic, female-driven
society, you have been selected
to provide sperm for the
Breeding Production program's
studies. Hope the machine
isn't too uncomfortable...
Sci-Fi, small cock, humiliation. 9 min 08 sec (mp3)


In the Lab
Facial Transformation

You awake in a laboratory, to
find you've been surgically
altered to uniquely pleasure
women. Includes: Forced
Cunnilingus (oral to F),
Financial & Medical Play.
17 min 50 sec (mp3)