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Heartless Humiliatrix

Domination Exploitation Degradation Sissification


I hate you already.

And You Can't Handle The Truth!

Extension: 76732


Draining You... Mind, Body, Wallet, and Soul

No Minute-Horny Clock-Watchers Allowed!

Call Button

(You have to take your finger out of your ass to dial, idiot.)

I'm going to break it down for you nice and simple.

Listen up, fucktard...

You MUST show respect at all times!

No bitching or whining.
Save your breath.
You'll need it to blow up your date!

Your sorry ass doesn't deserve a nice web page.
I'm not going to spend My precious time creating one for the likes of you.
What you see is what you get.
If you think you can do better, create a page.
Then, submit it for my consideration.
Otherwise, deal with it.

I will not do webcam.
I have no desire to watch you wank on cam either.

I will not send pictures.
There are no videos for sale.
No PPV games.
You can't buy My ID's or My panties.
Or anything else.
They're Mine.
They're not for sale.
You don't deserve them.

You may call.
You may tribute.
That's it.
Nothing more.

Don't email before calling.
Nobody likes getting your pathetic emails.
And if I do respond, you can bet you'll pay dearly.

Get over the idea of slave applications.
They're a worthless waste of My time.
You will serve Me willingly and without hesitation.
Simply because I am.

DO NOT ask for FREE Minutes!

DO NOT ask me to lower My price for you!
You may only humbly request that it be raised.

Remember to always leave excellent feedback after each call.
I am to be praised lavishly and often.
PROVE your devotion!

If you want sex and candy, go call someone else.
This is all about Me.
I could give a fuck less about you or anything you might want or need.

When you call, I may be in the mood to allow you a moment of my time.
Sometimes I like a good laugh.
If not, expect to be ignored.
This line is subject to becoming an ignore line any time I chose.
Without notice.
Ignoring ignorance while draining your wallet... LOL.
It's a beautiful concept.
And, it's My prerogative!

I am not your friend.
Or your lover.
You wish.

You are here to serve Me.
I am a Goddess.
You are nothing.
I deserve all.
I owe you nothing.

Wallet Handjob






Bend over
Click your heels
And pay a nice tribute!

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