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Au Naturale April

25-Year Old Cutie Wants to Play Outdoors in Nature

Hi there! My name is April. I’m 25-years old and looking to add a little adventure to my life. Specifically, I’ve been interested recently in getting au naturale … in nature.

Let me explain. My day job involves a lot of design work, so I’m always searching for interesting shapes and patterns. Over the years, I’ve found that one of the best places to find this inspiration is the outdoors: the delicate curve of a seashell, the rough texture of a cliff face, or the silky petals of a flower in bloom. I find these images sensational… and a little sensual. I want to be a part of them. Just closing my eyes, thinking about that, gives me a tingling feeling.

Sometimes when I’m out exploring an area far off the map, I like to strip down, toss my clothes into my backpack, and get closer to nature. I pretend that this is part of my creative process, but really it just makes me feel sexy to have my body become a part of the patterns around me.

With all the rain we’ve been getting out west, there has been a massive flower bloom across the desert. A few weeks ago, I found myself stripped down, lying among the flowers, and I got that tingling feeling again. So, I started touching my “flower” as I looked up at the sky. It felt so incredible I couldn’t stop.

When I finally came, breathing heavily, I looked around and almost laughed out loud. I felt so free! I had almost forgotten I was out in the open where anyone could have walked in on me! Actually, I realized, I was disappointed that no one had. I WANTED someone to come join me.

I’ve been seeking this feeling again since that day. I thought that Niteflirt might be the perfect spot to explore my sexy, outdoor fantasies, especially on the days when I can’t leave the house. I think my next adventure would be even better with a partner. We can seek out natural pleasure together.