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Free-Spirited Violet Is

Looking for Fun and Sexy, Role-Playing Adventure!

One of the pitfalls about getting older, I’m 34 now, is that you have less and less ways to meet people and explore fantasies. In college, I could hook up with people that I knew and play and it was safe and fun. I had a group of friends that I hung out with after college and it was a comparable arena. Meet a guy I’d seen at a bar or club a couple times and play with him.

As my friends began to get married and have kids, our group shrunk considerably. Now it’s just me and one other friend who are still single. We go out occasionally, but really prefer to hang out and have a glass of wine in one of our own homes.

A couple of weeks ago, I ended up going to the gym in my apartment building where I had done some swimming and I met a guy whom I was instantly attracted to. It turned out he had just moved in to the building and was checking out the gym for the first time. We shared an elevator back up to the residential part of the building. He made the first move on me and it felt so amazing. We were the only ones in the elevator (obviously) and with each passing floor I prayed that no one else would get on.

He had the same thought as I did, but took it one step further. He flipped the ‘off’ switch and stranded the elevator between floors. After two minutes of intense, incredibly hot making out, he told me he didn’t have a condom, but he wanted to watch me masturbate. He then told me to rub my clit until I came. It was the single sexiest instruction I’d ever been given. I orgasmed almost immediately. A minute later the elevator was running again and I exited on my floor.

I sat down on my coach when I got into my apartment and, with a smile plastered across my face, wondered just what the hell had happened. It was amazing. I thought, “Holy shit, I need more fun like that.” So I decided to sign up here and see what kind of other intense, incredibly masturbatory experiences I could have. I’m looking forward to finding out what we can create together!