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Want to be DEEPLY hypnotized? (Goodies)

> Wouldn't you love to be a good pet for Miss Sweet?


Hi! I’m Sweet!
You may call me Miss or Miss Sweet.
I have been an online Erotic Hypnotist for a year. And an online Domme for 4 years.
And yes, all the photos on NiteFlirt are actual photos of me.

Are you a real hypnotist?
I’ll give you real inductions, erotic suggestions, and triggers. I love the control taking someone’s mind gives me, bringing them deep and making them say “Yes, Miss Sweet”.

Why might I enjoy hypnosis with you, Miss Sweet?
Hypnosis is hot and quite sexy. There are so many things one can experience through hypnosis that are unable to be experienced any other way. I am quite creative. I can help you explore all those tempting, deliciously sexy things.

I wonder if you’re already thinking of those fantasies of yours?
Perhaps a fantasy that involves breasts or feet?
Perhaps a fantasy of being helplessly, mindlessly controlled?
Or perhaps you’re thinking of another fantasy? Hmm?

Whichever fantasy is in your mind at the moment, I can make that fantasy come to life, through the power of hypnosis.

Now, doesn’t that sound so...

Miss Sweet

Testimonials posted with permission.

“It’s hardly surprising I feel more and more submissive to you, Miss Sweet... as I find out each day how incredibly powerful, dominant you can be.”


“Miss Sweet your snaps are so pleasurable and they make other things happen. I never knew hypnosis could do this. I'm amazed.”


If I gave you a wonderful trance
and you'd like to show your appreciation,
a $10 Tribute is a perfect way, isn't it?.


  • Hypnosis
  • Hypnosis for the curious/beginner
  • Hypnotic suggestions/triggers

  • Taking control
  • Gentle femdom
  • Blank and mindless

  • Freeze (aka removing your ability to move)
  • Light sadism

  • Fractionation
  • Tease and denial
  • Feet / nylons

  • Removing / slowing thoughts
  • Hypnotic jack off instructions
  • Fantasy sessions

Important information before you call:

1. Please make sure you have a glass of water before you call. Yes, I will order you to get one before I bring you under.

2. Please know at least what you would like to do/experience. This is your session. What do you want from it?

Hard Limits

Whenever you find yourself craving a bit of Sweetness in your life....
Miss Sweet's Goodies

If you would like to do a text session, or negotiate a session before you call,
Chat with me

You are probably noticing the desire to call and let me take that subby little mind of yours, aren’t you?

It’ll feel so good to give in to your desire, won’t it?

It’ll feel so good to give in and Call Me, won't it?

Good toy.