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Just Jennifer

Freshly DIVORCED Gal. Keep me company on Easter:)

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Divorce sucks(Especially on Christmas)... but not nearly as much as laying next to person who you know does not have the capacity to give you what all human hearts crave most...unconditional love. It really bites when you know for a fact that if they could take a tiny glimpse inside your head...that they would...hurt you.
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What do you do when the very thing that used to make you feel safe...starts making you feel like you live inside of one?
I wanted to tell show him the woman I had grown into...The one that was not sexually awkward anymore... The new woman who no longer thought that anal sex was “sinful” but...fucking sensational.
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But if i told him my new secrets...that would lead to questions that had no moral answer:
Him: “How do you know you love anal so much, Jennifer? We have never done it.”

Me: “Well, last night I drove 60 miles outside of the city pantiless when I told you I was at the spa. I fucked a guy named Matt for hours at our regular hotel.
I met him at the gym about a year ago. We fucked within the first hour. He had an edge you never possessed. I just had to let him fuck me.
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My pussy was dying of dehydration in this big old house with you.
Any how, sometimes we found little fags to cuck. That’s one of my favorite things to do. I also peg him from time to time- the cuck I mean. Oh yea, I am into that too. As well as getting my hot little ass spanked when I am a bad girl.
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I’m a switch. I love licking cunt too. . I have been doing this with various men ever since I tried to show you gangbang porn 2 years ago and you called me a disgusting whore pig then stopped having sex with were...really mean to me.”

(See what I mean? Can you relate...even a little bit?)

I did not want to hide the kinks that had bloomed inside of me.I promise I didn't. I wanted us to share them.

But I also wanted to stay married (as crazy as it sounds). So I opted to do what most people in my agonizing position do...lie, cheat and figure out a way to turn it into a fetish or two.

I turned my guilt turned into my gift...

And now I am giving it to you...without the pesky packaging.

That’s right, I am divorced. As of May 17th 2018.

I have been through more than one can imagine based on these photos you see. There is so much more to this story that I’d be glad to share with you but let's talk about me- now:
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I am happy these days. I finally free to find Jenny. This is what I got so far- I am a very fun, loving, adventurous nurturing gal with a heart of gold. I can be a bit feisty at times. I love to laugh and binge watch Netflix. I adore dogs, ball pythons and experiencing new things.

I am incredibly understanding…(almost to a fault).

I live for true connections...I need that actually. That’s why I am here. Something tells me you can relate to some parts of my story. I want to build on that.

I want to get to know you in every way. Let’s talk for hours and have a very happy ending. Please just do me one favor...Hold nothing back with me. I’ve had far too much of that.
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Oh yea, as far as when I am most likely to be online: Between 8:00PM CENTRAL- 1:00AM CENTRAL. This is not in stone but this is a good gauge=) If you want to chat outside of these hours, just message me.

One last fun fact: It was in June 2018 that I left it all behind. I left the USA and have been traveling the world ever since. It can get lonely abroad at times..You want to keep me company?

Something tells me you do. Can't wait to create something special with you...Love Jenny-
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