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Sexy Blonde Jenny

Explore Your Fantasies with a British Author!!

Hello! I’m Jenny. I’m 32 and originally from South Africa. I moved to Britain when I was nine after my dad got a job there, so I have a pretty unique accent. I’ve had people compare it to everything from Hermione Granger to James Bond. I prefer the Charlize Theron comparisons, but that’s just me!

I have been in the United States for more than eight years now. I came over because I was chasing a dream. I wanted to be a fiction writer and I decided at 24 that it was the perfect time to do that. So I have been here and furiously writing ever since.

I love story telling. I feel like I can connect with so many different cultures and people all while experiencing things that I haven’t yet experienced, all through the written or spoken word.

I’ve only been in a few long-term relationships in my life and haven’t ever had a one-night stand, so in this respect, I’m kind of ordinary. Almost boring. Through my fiction though, I can come alive!

One of my greatest fantasies is to go out on a first date with someone and hand him my panties during dinner. I can envision it now: me very casually sliding my black thong down over my legs, over my high heels, curling them up in a ball in my hand, glancing furtively around the restaurant to see if anyone’s noticed, all the while not particularly caring. I want to be seen and I don’t want to be seen, all at the same time. I also really like the thought of wearing a remote-controlled vibrator and then having someone else control it while we’re out in a public place.

So please, give me a call and let’s have some fun!

UPDATE: I have recently realized that I am not good with humiliation fantasies. I enjoy being submissive, but degrading other people is something that I am not good at nor do I enjoy. I believe in love and pleasure and cannot get into the mindset of humiliating people. If that is your interest, I am probably not the woman for you.