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♥ I'm the PRINCESS you wan't but can NEVER HAVE ♥

Hello pay piggies, money worms, sugar daddies, human ATM's, and those of you willing to go BROKE for my LUXURIES! My given name is Britney, but you will address me as LUXURY PRINCESS! I have earned and deserve that title because I say I do. I was born into money and have never looked back. Never in my life have I gone a day without having the best and the finest of everything money can buy. I was born into this type of life because I deserve it. Beauty, grace, class, and money are what I am all about. I have traveled the globe and I consider this world my personal playground and shopping mall. I have shopped at the most exclusive shops in 23 countries with more countries to conquer in the future. I have my personal A380 Airbus take me wherever I feel like going anytime I have a whim to travel and shop, which is pretty much all the time. I love my life and it's great being me. I am on Niteflirt for a few reasons. Mainly for fun and amusement when I get bored with my perfect life. As far as I'm concerned their can never be "ENOUGH" money for a girl like me, and I am here to manipulate and use as many pay pigs, money worms, and sugar daddies I can sink my claws into because there is just NEVER ENOUGH MONEY for me. I always want more more more. Money and I were made for each other and you are here to just add more to my wealth and fortune.

Once you know your place we will get along just fine as I take and take and take for my own insanely selfish thirst for the best of the best. Can you fault me for being this way. I think not. I mean just look at me. I come from superior ethnicity! I like to think of it as the ethnicity of the truly beautiful people with me being the pinnacle of beauty, class, and grace! I am here for you to adore, obey, serve, and shower with the money I require to keep up with my personal thirst for the perfect luxury life. Frankly, poor people disgust me! Now that you know a bit about me, and I have told you where your place is in my world you may call me and tell me exactly how you wish to add to my wealth and luxury. I have no time to just TALK about you spoiling me. If I sense you are a window shopping sugar daddy I will not hesitate to hang up and move on. I only want to hear from the serious spoilers that know how to treat a princess of my stature. Now that you know the rules call me and let's start adding to my perfect luxury life.

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