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Call me for kinky, taboo chat & abuse. Call me and offer me 'your' wife or girlfriend. Call me to talk about my shoes and feet. Call me if you want to be diciplined. Call me if you want to be turned into a girl. Call me if you want to confess that you're a fag. Call me if you want to swap dirty stories. Call me if you want a Straight Alpha Man's guidance and perspective. Call me if you just want to chat.

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**Listen To Me Fuck Another Man's Woman.**

Understand And Appreciate Who I Am And What Your Role Is.

I am 'The Dominant Alpha Next Door’. The approachable, straight-alpha, tattooed, charming, funny, cocky, geek/nerd, blue collar and occasionally business suited Dom that you’re next to at the gym, or on the checkout line in the supermarket. I'm the guy that you want to watch fuck 'your' woman. You crave me. You can’t get me out of your mind.

I’m the guy at your job that you talk to about last night’s game or the slutty looking new girl. But, secretly you’re the slut, imagining being my obedient cum receptacle. You want to watch me stroke my cock and then clean up my mess like the good little sissy sub that you are.

I’m the one you call to tell how you secretly crave cock. How you obsess over it all day and night. How you want 'your' girlfriend or wife fucked by a real man with a real cock and then clean his hot, thick load from her used holes. Clean it up little sub-cuck. I cum multiple times, so I hope you’re both ready, because like it or not, you’re both getting more.

I am 'The Dominant Alpha Next Door’.

You are the sub, cuckold, fag, sissy, micro-dick, pay-pig that wants to be dominated. Submit to me and I will own you, advise you, punish you and reward you. You will be my property, fulfill my assignments and have me teach you the meaning of obedience, discipline, and servitude.

My methods are creative and vary, depending on my mood.

Some methods include:

Cuckolding: Clean my (or a buddy’s) load from the woman you think is yours. I will own 'your' woman and dominate her. 'Your' property will be mine.

Jerk-Off Instructions: I will tell you where, when and how to edge, milk, drain and abuse your pathetic little cock, and I may request proof.

Cum Eating Instructions: Maybe I’ll send you to a local gloryhole to be the designated floor cleaner.

Small Penis Humiliation: Oh, you tiny dicked sissy. It’s just an enlarged clit, who are you kidding? Not me.

Sissy training: Show me your feminine side, tell me how you are 'on the down-low'.

Anal Play/Training: Let’s test your limits and see how wide and deep you can go. Your fuck-hole is mine.

Financial Domination: My favorite. Money talks, you pussy. You have it, I want it. Tribute your Master. I'm worth it, you're not.

Cock, Balls, Ass, Feet, Armpit and Crotch Worship: I get REALLY, REALLY, sweaty and need to be cleaned.

I can be sensual or rough, but I’m always creative and kinky.

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Know Your Place Beneath Me!

**Show Your Appreciation And Pay Your Alpha Master A $10 Tribute.'**

**Show Your Loyality And Pay Your Alpha Master A $25 Tribute.'**

**Show Your Devotion And Pay Your Alpha Master A $50 Tribute.'**

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**Become A Patron Of The Arts**

One Final Note: Read The Rules.