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Which one do you identify with the most?
I will begin by telling you what others might say, or have said:

  • So what is the difference between a submissive and a slave?
  • A submissive is someone who negotiates; a slave does not
  • A submissive has limits; a slave has given up all limits except those which his/her owner sets for them.
  • A submissive obeys and serves by choosing to do so each time and retains her will. A slave initially makes a choice to obey his/her master/mistress at all times and then submits to the will of his/her master at all times.
  • A submissive accepts submission, while a slave accepts obedience.
  • A submissive has retained some rights within the context of the D/s relationship, whereas a slave has given up all rights and becomes, in effect, property.
  • A submissive is owned, but a slave is possessed.

  • A slave is not allowed to sit on furniture or wear clothes, and always kneels at his/her owner’s feet.
  • A submissive has a safe-word to end play, while a slave has consented to no-consent.
  • A slave must be a submissive, but a submissive is not necessarily a slave.
  • Being a submissive is just a step on the way to the “ultimate” state of submission, which is being a slave.
  • A slave is more submissive than a “mere” submissive. Submissives are just playing; slaves live the lifestyle.
  • **Again this is just SOME of what others say, or have said.**

    Get ready to relinquish your mind, body and soul in a way most only dare to dream of!
    TAKE NOTE: From this point forward you will be totally SUBMITTING to your MASTER !
    Is this what you desire?
    Once I feel that you are totally broken down, you are now ready to go through MY Strenuous TRAINING Program. MY program consists of the following: Re-Conditioning, Re-Programming, Behavior Modification & Development.

    Are you a little cuckold?
    Wimp ass white bois cum tell ME how badly you need to see Me DEEP inside your precious little wife.
    I will make her feel things *you* would never be able to accomplish with your tiny pimple sized dick.

    Are you a submissive slut, or a foot licking heel biting bitch boi?

    KNOW your PLACE!
    I will drag you to the mall and force you to dress like I dress ALL My street walking whores.

    If you behave, I just might take you out to "The Point" in nothing but a tube top and tutu with some "cum fuck me" little sissy shoes!

    I will Destroy your existence and make you weep and have you begging for more. Ask My subs and slaves why they keep worshiping Me.

    Imagine how I'd Have you on your knees in front of Me looking up at My Big Black Shaft and taking you like you've been dreaming of while I command you to open all your holes for your Master.

    you will be craving to have Me each and every moment of the day,

    I will leave you begging to be My sex toy.
    Do you like it hard and fast or slow and sensual?

    I will TURN you OUT in 2 different languages, and you will hang up WORSHIPING ME and speaking in TONGUES!

Below is a partial list of My Fetishes and Kinks
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1. Accidental Stimulation
2. Agoraphilia
3. Altocalciphilia
4. Accidental stimulation
5. Anal Training
6. Anonymous Sex
7. Apotemnophilia
8. Attraction To Disability
9. Autogynephilia
10. Autofellatio
11. Ballbusting
12. Bareback
13. Begging
14. Blackmail
15. Blindfolds
16. Bondage
17. Body modification
18. Body worship
19. Branding
20. Brassierolagnia
21. Breath Play
22. Breast/Nipple
23. Breast/Nipple worship
24. Bukkake
25. Burping
26. Cage fetish
27. Candaulism
28. Caning
29. Capnolagnia
30. CBT
31. Chastity
32. Clothed Sex (Endytophilia)
33. Cock and/or Ball Fetish
34. Cock worship
35. Collaring
36. Corsetry
37. Coulrophilia
38. Cross-dressing
39. Crurophilia
40. Cuckolding and Interracial Cucolding
41. Cunnilingus
42. Cupping
43. DFP
44. D/s
45. Dacryphilia
46. Degradation
47. Dendrophilia
48. DILF
49. Discipline
50. Doraphilia
51. Double Penetration
52. DVP
53. Erotic Play
54. Electric Play
55. Eproctophilia
56. Exhibitionism
57. Face fucking
58. Facesitting
59. Face slapping
60. Fantasy
61. Feminization
62. Figging
63. Financial Domination
64. Fire Play
65. Flogging
66. Food play
67. Foot fetish
68. Forced feeding
69. Forced Feminization

70. Forniphilia
71. Frotting
72. Gags
73. Gagging
74. GILF
75. Group sex
76. Harpaxophilia
77. Helplessness
78. Heterophilia
79. Hoplophilia
80. HD: HD is short for humiliation and discipline
81. Humiliation and Public Humiliation
82. Hybristophilia
83. Hypnotism (Hypno)
84. Idrophrodisia
85. Ignore
86. Impact play
87. Impregnation
88. Imprisonment
89. Internal cumshots
90. Intercrural or Interfemoral sex
91. Interracial
92. Intoxication: Drinking Alcohol during or before a sex scene.
93. JOI
94. Katoptronophilia
95. Kigurum
96. Kleptophilia
97. Lace fetish
98. Lactation
99. Lesbophilia
100. Latex/rubber
101. Lesbophilia
102. Macro Fetish
103. Macrogenitalism
104. Maid training
105. Maiesiophilia
106. Maschalagnia
107. Masochism
108. Master
109. Merinthophilia
110. Mess fetish
111. Micro fetish
112. MILF
113. Military
114. Mistress
115. Mix-a-lot
116. Mixophilia
117. Morphophilia
118. Mucophilia
119. Muscles
120. Mysophilia
121. Narratophilia
122. Nasolingus
123. Nasophilia
126. Nyctophilia
127. Objectophilia
128. Oculolinctus
129. Oculophilia
130. Odaxelagnia
131. Odontophilia
132. Olfactophilia
133. Orgasm denial
134. Otherness
135. Ozolagnia
136. Partialism
137. Pecattiphilia
138. Pegging
139. Penis Humiliation
140. Peodeiktophilia
141. Phallophilia
142. Phobophilia
143. Phygephilia
144. Pictophilia
145. Pimping
146. Pregnancy
147. Psychrocism
148. Pubephilia
149. Pygmalionism
150. Pygophilia
151. Race Play
152. Resistance play
153. Retifism
154. Rhabdophilia
155. Rimming
156. Ripped clothes
157. Robotism
158. Roleplay
159. Ropework
160. Ruined orgasms
161. Rutiluphilia
162. Sadism
163. Sensation play
164. Sensory deprivation
165. Sex
166. Slapping
167. Smoking
168. Sneezing Fetish
169. Snore and Pay
170. Sounding
171. Spanking
173. Stockings
174. Strap-on
175. Stigmatophilia
176. Stuffing
177. Suspension
178. Swinging
179. Symphorphilia
180. Taboo
181. Taphephilia
182. Teasing
183. Technophilia
184. Telephonicophilia
185. Theatromania
186. Tickling
187. Transformation fetish
188. Trichophilia
189. Triolism
190. Tripsolagnophilia
191. Underwear fetish
192. Uniforms
193. Vicarphilia
194. Voyeurism (WE CAN ALSO WATCH you ON CAM)
195. Wax play
196. Xenophilia
197. Yeastiality
198. Zelophilia
199. Zentai
200. Zwischenstufe

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