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Let My Voice Be Your Release {Descriptive, Kinky}

Hi! My name is Lilly.

My voice is: soft, feminine, seductive, sweet, silky.

I am a 25 year old Latina (hablo EspaƱol).

I have an excellent command of the English language and, like your cock, my imagination is very big and very naghty. Like my title says, I want to use my voice to make your cock rock hard, and my words to get you off.

I love to roleplay. Here are some roles and scenarios I enjoy to give you an idea of what I enjoy (of course, I welcome YOU to suggest roles or scenarios)...

Babysitter: I work for you. One hot night you find me sitting on the sofa, wearing a a crop top and daisy dukes. You offer me a drink before you give me a ride home. You "accidentally" spill the beer on my shirt, making it stick to skin, revealing my erect nipples through the cotton fabric. You grab a piece of cloth and start to dry me, slowly running it over my titties, teasing my nipples. We both become tense, our eyes meet, and then you tell me your wife is away on a business trip.

College Student: I am a very ditsy girl that never pays attention in class because I am always thinking about shopping and boys. That becomes apperant when grades are in and you tell me I am failing your class. I have noticed that you are always staring at my legs during class, especially when I cross and uncross my legs, your eyes seem to go up my short little skirt. That gives me an idea, so I stay after class, after all the students are gone, to beg you for an A. You obviously know I am a sexy girl, but you are also think I deserve to be taught a real lesson before you can give me that A. I am in store for quite a punishment.

Bratty Princess: I am one of your daugther's best friends from college, I come over for sleep overs all the time. You always notice me for two things: my amazingly hot body and my really bratty behavior. Your wife doesn't like me because she thinks I am a bad influence but you let me keep cumming to the house because you love to watch me sunbathe in your pool while you jerk off to me. You think about me when you fuck your wife. You know a girl like me could get any man she wanted, you know you could NEVER have me in a million years. You just wish you could be some small part of my life, you would worship me and do anything you can to please me. One day your wife and daugther are away on a weekend trip when I show up at your door...

Female Cop: Late one night, after leaving a frat party, you find yourself in an empty street, walking home, tipsy, with a can of beer in your hand. Little that you know that I have spotted you. I pull over and I quickly inform you that you are looking at 5 months in jail and $5,000 in fines for loitering and public intoxication. Not to mention you would hate to get in trouble with your parents who are paying for you to go to a very expensive school. You beg me to let you off the hook. After much of your pleading, I agree to pretend this never happened, but first, to make sure you never think of breaking the law again, I need to discipline you.

These are just examples or if you need some inspiration. I love to play many different roles and scenarios.

Stories coming soon!

Other things I enjoy...

  • Cuckolding / BBC
  • Girlfriend Experience (and general tender and/or sensual talk)
  • SPH
  • Sissification
  • Wearing Stockings & Heels
  • Intelligent Conversations
  • Casual Conversations / Clean Chat
  • & more!