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Lady Libra

What do your fetishes reveal about you? Find out!

Hello. I'm Lady Libra. Welcome. I know, I know, this isn't a typical NF listing nor am I your average phone sex operator. Hopefully you're the type of man who will appreciate that and be intrigued enough to keep on reading. To start, I should mention, this listing is not a guarantee for phone sex. You should not call breathing heavily with your cock in your hand. I prefer genuine connections with intelligent men who are interested in becoming the most evolved lovers on the planet. I enjoy conversations on a variety of topics. If you're seeking a great conversation with a smart, sexy, high vibe woman, give me a call.

ABOUT ME - I'm in my late thirties. I have lived all over the United States. I currently reside on the West Coast in the mountains with my three awesome dogs. In my spare time I am a Fine Art Photographer. I love to sing and dance. I'm super into the arts, business, exploring life, and expanding my mind whenever possible. I'd love to hear about where you come from and what turns you on in life. What are you passionate about? What gets your juices flowing?

Professionally, I have been an Erotic Hypnotist for nearly 20 years. Over the course of my career, I have worked with literally thousands of men and women from around the globe exploring their deepest, darkest, most private fantasies and desires. As a result, I am able to offer a unique perspective along with invaluable insight and wisdom regarding fetishes, how they impact our lives, our overall happiness, and our ability to connect with others in vulnerable and meaningful ways.



"Mistress, I want you to use and abuse me. Degrade and humiliate me!"

"I have this fetish. It's kind of weird but it's the only thing that turns me on. Is something wrong with me!?

"Mistress can you force me to suck cock?"

To the average person it would seem that fetishes are just healthy outlets for sexual energy. For some, this may be true. For others, fetishes reveal WAY more. Fetishes are proddings from the subconscious mind that seek to connect us with aspects of our inner psyche that either need our attention or healing.

If we have an imbalance of energy within it will manifest outwardly in our fetishes. Once we indulge in the fetish and reach orgasm, we experience a RUSH of energy that releases the tension or inner imbalance that our subconscious mind is trying to help us face. You will notice that your fetishes are louder when you are under stress or feeling apathetic about life.

THIS SESSION IS FOR YOU IF: Your fetish consumes you. Your fetish isolates you from others. Your fetish is a secret from your partner. Your fetish is costing you valuable time, energy and or personal resources.


"To say this woman has a unique perspective on the human mind, sexuality, and romantic relationships would be an understatement."

“Truly a gift. I love how effortlessly she leads me to areas of my heart that I don’t talk about very often, or didn’t know existed, and brings light and healing there. I’ve found her insights to be super rewarding and life changing.”

“Very thoughtful, thought-provoking, connected, quietly confident, and caring. She is an excellent listener with good lateral thinking skills.”

“A truly authentic and passionate woman.”

“She gives off kindness, understanding, and safety so strongly that they seem to have a physical presence. Highest recommendation.”




The Garden of Eden session combines Erotic Hypnosis with Sex Magic. Not only will you get to explore a mind blowing sexual experience, you will literally reap the rewards of programming your subconscious mind to attract or create your Dream Lover. The more often you connect with her, the more real she will become to you. You will begin to feel her energy and her essence. When she shows up in the real world you will recognize her immediately! If you are already in a partnership and you're unhappy, you do have the ability to turn it around. It starts within your mind. Let me help you explore the possibilities!

"The Universal mind that flows through everyone knows no limitation or lack, and nothing is impossible to it. Its great dominant characteristic is creativeness. Since it is all knowledge and all substance and all power, indeed the only thing it does is create. And it creates exactly what the mind of each individual person thinks into it. There is manifested in your experience exactly that which you are convinced of." Three Magic Words Uell S. Anderson

By tapping into the depths of our creativity, we are able to expand our imagination in other areas of our lives life like financial prosperity, freedom and happiness. Combine that with sexual energy and you've got some real power there.

THIS SESSION IS FOR YOU IF: You desire to attract your dream lover, you desire to improve an existing relationship, OR you simply need to balance out your energy. In that case, the session is focused on you and I.


"It just doesn't get any better. She left me with a euphoric feeling that will stay with me for a long time."

“Simply incomparable. Sensual, intelligent, intuitive, dominant and carying all rolled up into one. Every call to this beautiful lady is a trip to paradise.”

“She takes you on a fantasy you didn't even know you could conjure, where she helps you release your stress in an ecstasy you didn't even know was possible.”


COMING SOON - I am currently working on a variety of Goodies that utilize sexual energy to enrich your life both inside and outside of the bedroom. Think "Law of Attraction + Sexual Energy = Hyper-focused Manifestation." If you understand what I'm talking about, I like you already.

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I look forward to connecting with you soon! For those who have asked: MY AMAZON WISH LIST