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Innocent Submissive...Am I your good girl?

Attention seeking kinktress

For the dominant men calling me me; Call me whore when I am a bad girl and I will answer with acceptance...but call me your sweet girl when I am good and my loyalty will intoxicate you. Tell me you cannot breathe without me, and choke me to show me how it feels. Earn me, and I will earn you in ways that will make you feel alive. I promise, Sir... .

My name is Laney and I am 27 years old. I am the very definition of "new girl". My innocence is not an act, I am incredibly new to this world. I decided to try this because I have always been a very sexual and submissive girl. I am incredibly easy to talk to and I won't judge your mischevious and depraved thoughts. I am new to the whole world of Domination and appreciate guidance or perhaps a story you have. I am slowly finding out what I like and what I need to feel worthy. Just like a Dominant personality gets off on the control, a submissive one enjoys giving her control away. I honestly cannot imagine anything more intimate or primal. It's not all about pain and punishment, it can be about trust and affirmation. Being able to have some of these experiences from the safety of my home, allows me to build confidence to push my limits.

I, like a good girl, aim to please. My voice is sweet and soft and has innocence. I wanna know what makes you hard and throbbing and what you want from my innocent self. Submissive by nature but its not all I am capable of. I want to make the most of your experience with me and I want to do it in a way that intoxicates you and gives you that glimpse of depravity we have both been craving. I crave intelligent, sexual contact where the mind, like the body, are both completely used to create a different world around us. Allow me to cum for you, Please? Will you make me your good girl, Sir?

$20- Please and Thank you Sir
$50- Please and Thank you Sir

$100- Please and Thank you Sir

Naughty, not nasty photos of my innocent self $7.00(FEEDBACK, GOOD OR BAD, WILL BE RESPONDED TO WITH A PHOTO) PLEASE TELL ME I'VE BEEN A GOOD GIRL