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I grew up in a big city and I have been around all types of people. Having deep conversations in conjuction with my inquisitive nature have lead me on a journey to being open-minded and understanding that sexual desires and fetishes are all uniquely bound to each individual. I find it quite facinating to learn about what lurks in other people's mind that society might not deem "politically correct".

If you are looking for a mature, sympathetic ear to lean on, I am that woman . As you get older, you realise that there is no one size fit all to this whole game of life we are all living. If it were, what a boring place it would be. By talking to me and releasing those urges and feelings to someone who will never judge or condemn you, you open yourself up into becoming the more authentic you which brings good feelings into your psyche because your actions are aligning with your thoughts. I always said that true intimacy/sex starts in the mind and the manifestation of your thoughts are the actual sex act. Get deep with me...

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I will be honest with you, my life has been a rollercoster of mental and sexual fuckery at its best. Through it all, I have always over analyzed my situations to get to the root of the outward actions which has lead me to a deep analysis of male/female interactions as well as my personal. For every action there is a reaction and some actions always create similar reactions. You start to pick up these patterns through years of experience and your intuition.

When you call me you will free your mind so your ass can follow. Let me help you become one with yourself and free those inner demons and master the beast within. I don't want to change you, I just want to help you release yourself to me. Come with me and Let's go Higher!!!

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