Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

Hey, I'm Carly and I love sex. Good old-fashioned sex, but with just a twist of kink and a touch of class.

Just you and me, one-on-one, fucking good and hard or entangled in hot, passionate, sensual, lovemaking and anything in between. None of that fetish or taboo stuff. You know the traditional kissing, caressing, licking, fingering, sucking, and fucking.
My only fetish is satisfying my lover as completely as possible over and over again.

Missionary, on top, doggy, titty fucking, oral, 69, between the sheets, in the shower, over the kitchen table, against the wall, on the floor, in the car, outside, on the beach, in the backyard, or anywhere the mood may strike us. Riding you like a stallion, sitting on your face, bending over for you, and whispering naughty words in your ear.

Savoring each touch, taste, and smell, as we explore one another's bodies.
Hot and sexy. Tender, slow, and passionate. Hard and Fast. Down and Dirty.

There are few things more arousing and empowering in the sex act than taking my lover's cock in my hand and giving him pleasure with my mouth and I am a connoisseur in the activity if I must say so myself. Feeling his manhood growing in my lips and bestowing him with immense gratification, while watching the effect I have on him turns me on to no end. I savor, adore, and cherish my lover's cock. And, yes, I enjoy your cum in my mouth, on my tits, or ass, and in my pussy.

I delight in talking dirty. It makes me so hot to describe in explicit and nasty detail what I'm doing to you or want from you. And I must say I enjoy anal play or sex almost as much as everything else. Yes, you can give it to me in the ass good. Please do. But be sure to lick me nice and tenderly before and I'll be glad to return the favor if you got the ache for it as well.
Rimming, fingering, dildo, and strap-on all enjoyed as well.

Most of all, I love knowing that you're stroking it for me and listening to you cum, and I enjoy cumming with you if you want me to join in. I get hot and wet just knowing that I can elicit such a strong sexual response from you and give you such immense satisfaction.

My most favorite place to have sex is in the outdoors. For me, there is nothing better than the feel of the elements on your naked body as you take a ride on the wild side. It ignites more passion, arousal, and desire, and intensifies the climax.

Other topics that we might explore together include jack off instruction, naughty neighbor play, sharing fantasies, toys, mutual masturbation, edging, or watching tasteful porn together. If you're an exhibitionist, I will watch you, but I don't appear on cam.

Regardless of what phone sex adventure we explore together, I strive to provide you with unscripted, intelligent, genuine, conversation
and personalized attention to your wants, needs, and desires.

Who's Carly

I'm a genuine, down to earth, all natural, mature, woman next door with a wild side and a ravenous sexual appetite.

However, I am also a professional, graduate-level educated, intelligent, and articulate woman
so I enjoy good conversation almost as much as I do sex.

And, because I am a real woman, then I am no different than any other woman in the world. That means I'm sensitive and I have real feelings and needs and I enjoy romance, connection, intimacy, closeness, communication, and respect.

I'm self-employed, and if you've ever been self-employed, you know the list of things to do never ends, and you take your work home with you every day. It's difficult to find time to meet the right guy. So I see my time here as an avenue to have fun and express myself sexually in a safe and responsible manner.

I'm a published writer in a variety of different genres including psychology, health, nutrition, mindfulness, erotica, sex education and others. Oh, how I love my words. And I'm a master at using them to entice, arouse, and deliver immense sexual pleasure. I also have six years experience in the phone sex industry, so I'm an expert at bringing our sexual interactions alive and making you feel as if you are actually with me in person as we play on the phone.

I'm often told by my callers that I was born to do these calls because my voice is so sultry, captivating, and sexy. Combine that with my passion for sex, skill as a lover, high level of creativity, naughty and slightly kinky mind, and you will find that I can very quickly tune into your needs and provide you with an unforgettable sexual adventure.

As a lover, I am thoughtful, intuitive, generous, tender, giving, loving, affectionate, sensual, and passionate. I have a great sense of humor and love to laugh. I'm also known for my no-nonsense, forthright, somewhat opinionated attitude.

When I'm not working, you'll find me taking walks in the mountain or by the lake, taking pictures of sunsets or other nature scenes, relaxing on the porch, bird watching, reading, or watching a good movie. I start each of my days with mindfulness meditation.

Carly's Stats

Age: 56
Marital Status: Single (Divorced many moons ago)
Height: 5'5
Weight: 145 pounds
Hair color: Salt and pepper
Eyes: Blue
Fit body
Long shapely legs with well-defined calves
Tight butt
36B Breasts
Long fingers (for working their magic)
Pussy unshaven and natural (trimmed neatly)

What I'm Looking for in a Man (Caller)

You are looking for a little more than the standard moaning (although we will be doing plenty of moaning). A connection that is a little deeper than a 3-minute quickie. Perhaps you'd like the girlfriend experience with intimacy, companionship, romance, and chemistry.

You're a man who appreciates a woman who has as much brains as she does sexuality. You probably find intelligence sexy.

You want to spend time with a real woman and experience a genuine connection in your phone sex experience.

You are respectful, appreciate your time with your phone sex playmate, and know how to say thank you for the service you receive.

You are well-mannered, communicative, and comfortable with your sexuality and kinks.

You like a touch of class with your naughtiness.

All men are welcome if you meet the criteria above, but professional men of all kinds (executives, small business owners, self-employed, attorneys, scientists, doctors or other healthcare professionals, chefs, pilots, higher education, etc.)
may find we are a particularly good fit.

Why I Don't Show My Face

I don't show my face for three primary reasons:

One, I have an adult son who means the world to me, and although I am not ashamed of this work, I would not want to embarrass him.

Two, I have another profession that would frown greatly upon this activity. It would ruin my career.

Three, safety and privacy. (Nuff said)

I'm sure any reasonable man can understand these issues.

But don't worry, my seductive, captivating voice, mature touch, experience, passion, skill, and words alone will leave you wanting for nothing, except more time with me. And isn't it exciting that we will be meeting like dark, mysterious, sexy strangers in the night? I never see you, you never see me. The mystique can enhance our senses and add to our excitement for one another.

Who Says Vanilla Sex is Boring?

Vanilla as a spice is rich and flavorful and makes any dish it's added to taste better, and the same is true for sex.

There are endless options for variety and spontaneity with style, technique, place, position, toys, dynamics in power,
and level of naughtiness in language.

Even if you're into some of the kinkiest stuff on the planet, sex always begins in the vanilla sex comfort zone as this is how we get to know one another and connect, and it is the zone we come back to again and again.

With the right person, it can be some of the best sex of your life.

A good lover knows how to make it sizzling hot and culminate with mind-blowing orgasms.

Vanilla never tasted so good. Give me a call and get a taste. Tap into my wild side.

Things I Don't Do

Anything that violates Niteflirt policy, which includes the following:
Underage (children)
Incest (Any family member)
Feces, urine, or diapers
Drug talk
Rape or violence

I also don't do anything forced, BDSM, Femdom, humiliation, or pain.