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Classy Carly

Sensual, mature, GFE, play and naughty talk

Hello, I'm Carly and I'm a genuine, sensual, playful, mature woman next door who loves sex and everything about it. The touch, tastes, smells, carnal action, and ambience. You know, good old traditional sex, with a twist of kink and a touch of class.

Just you and me, one-on-one, fucking good and hard or entangled in hot, passionate, sensual, lovemaking and anything in between. My only fetish is satisfying my lover as completely as possible over and over again and I know how to please.

Missionary, on top, doggy, titty fucking, oral, 69, between the sheets, in the shower, over the kitchen table, against the wall, on the floor, in the car, outside, on the beach, in the backyard, or anywhere the mood may strike us. Riding you like a stallion, sitting on your face, bending over for you, or on my knees. Savoring each touch, taste, and smell, as we explore one another's bodies.

Hot and sexy. Tender, Slow, and Passionate. Hard and Fast. Down and Dirty. Raw and Primal.

Although I'm a sophisticated woman, I'm a wild cat in bed and I delight in talking dirty. It makes me so hot and wet to describe in explicit and nasty detail what I'm doing to you or want from you. And, I can be so descriptive about what's occurring between us that it will feel as if I'm actually present with you in person as you experience my touch, breath, and words. And I have a ravenous sexual appetite.

Regardless of what phone sex adventure we share together, I strive to provide you with unscripted, intelligent, genuine, conversation and personalized attention to your wants, needs, and desires that culminates with cumtastic pleasure.

As a former sex educator and the author of several sex tip books to help couples improve their sex lives, these skills are an integral part of who I am as a woman and I weave this knowledge into our playtime activities to provide you with intoxicating pleasure.

Oral Connoisseur

There are few things more arousing and satisfying in the sex act than taking my lover's cock in my hand and giving him pleasure with my mouth and I am a connoisseur in the activity if I must say so myself. Feeling his manhood growing in my lips and bestowing him with immense gratification, while watching the effect I have on him turns me on to no end. I savor, adore, and cherish my lover's cock.
And, yes, I enjoy my lover's cum in my mouth, on my tits, in or on my ass, and in my pussy.

Love Anal

I also love anal sex. Nothing better than an anal orgasm delivered with the cock in the ass and a dildo in the pussy and/or a vibrator on the clit. "Yes, please fuck me in the ass." But be sure to lick it nice and tenderly before you do and I'll be glad to return the favor if you got the ache for it as well. Rimming, fingering, dildo, and strap-on are all also enjoyed.

Who Says Vanilla Sex is Boring?

Vanilla as a spice is rich and flavorful and makes any dish it's added to taste better, and the same is true for sex. There are endless options for variety and spontaneity with style, technique, place, position, toys, dynamics in power, and level of naughtiness in language. Even if you're into some of the kinkiest stuff on the planet, sex always begins in the vanilla sex comfort zone as this is how we get to know one another and connect, and it is the zone we come back to again and again. With the right person, it can be some of the best sex of your life. A good lover knows how to make it sizzling hot and culminate with mind-blowing orgasms.
With me, you'll discover that vanilla never tasted so good. Give me a call to get a taste.


Other fantasies that we might chat about together include naughty neighbor play, a good fingering, mutual masturbation, exhibitionism, threesome fantasies (MFF or MMF), wife-swapping, bisexuality, BBC, creampies, sex in public, sensual cuckolding, shemale cock, sex in the wild outdoors, swinging, edging, or watching "tasteful" erotica together.

I'm so Naughty

I wouldn't be caught dead in a bra. My girls want to be free and comfortable. And I often go without panties as well just because it feels good and natural, unless I'm wearing something that is see through or something like a pair of jeans that would be uncomfortable to go without. So if you would see me in the grocery story, bookstore, or hiking in the park, then you could delight in knowing that mostly likely I'm not wearing any. This makes for easy access anytime the mood may strike for me and my lover.

Favorite Positions

My favorite positions are me on top, missionary, and doggy, in that order. Preferably all three in one hot session. Me on top, because I can get situated in just the right manner to make myself cum over and over, missionary for the shared sense of power and intimacy as you look in my eyes and enter me, and doggy for the raw and primal instincts it evokes.

Teasing and Playful

I love the smell and taste of my own pussy and you would too. If you were my lover and we were out in public, I'd tease and torment you by secretly slipping my fingers under my skirt and between my legs. Coating my fingers with my sweet, yet pungent, feminine aroma, then rubbing them under your nose before we share in the pleasure of licking them clean. And while we're eating a tasteful dinner at a restaurant, I'll playfully stroke your cock underneath the table. By the time we get home, you'll be tearing my clothes off at the door.

Intelligent Conversation

I'm also intelligent, well-educated, and articulate, so I find stimulating conversation to be almost as rewarding as sex. For me, conversation and what goes on in between the ears enhances the sexual connection and experience and so does intimacy
and building a bond with my lover. After all, great sex begins in the mind.

Girlfriend Experience

So I really enjoy callers who like to get acquainted or that may be looking for a girlfriend experience - GFE. Better yet, is an ongoing alliance that enables me to take the time to get to know you and understand your sexual mind, thereby fulfilling your needs and desires more deeply and developing a level of comfort with one another that is found in affection and familiarity.

However, I also appreciate the excitement of a new encounter, so sexy and arousing one-time calls are welcome as well.

Free Nude Pics, Erotic Story, and Game

All first time callers with a call of at least ten minutes receive five soft-core nude pictures and an erotic story written by me with a game at the end. To learn more about me, please visit my profile page, where you'll also find my stats and schedule for availability.

Things I Don't Do

Please note, I don't do calls on any topics that are prohibited by Niteflirt policy including: Mommy, Underage (children), Incest (Any family member), Feces, urine, or diapers, Drug talk, Rape or violence, Animals. Additionally, I also don't do
anything forced or coerced, blackmail, BDSM, sissies, submission, Femdom, humiliation, torture, slavery, or pain.

Read Carly's Erotica - Pay to View

A Naughty Dinner with Carly - Short erotic story written by Carly
(However, please note this story is given out for free to first-time customers with a call of at least 10 minutes )

Discover more about Carly's wild side and her sexy, playful, sensual nature
in this short erotic story and then participate in a little game if you like.

So, what kind of sex do you like best? Call and tell me what makes your cock rock hard!