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Psykhe Lost

What have you been through? What are you dealing w

You've been through a lot and have held it all in. Now you can finally talk about it. Do you need someone just to hear you out for once? Would you like an outside opinion? Do you need to discuss your point of view? If you feel like you are unheard or lost feel free to call me. I'm a genuine person and I'm up for a chat.

Once all that is off your chest, how about we get to those other needs. You need to let that stuff go so that you can be free to enjoy yourself. It's not a simple thing, I know. Maybe it will feel worse for a bit but it is good to start to address who you are and how you got to be that way. What makes you tick. What makes you laugh. I just want you to call and be honest with me. When I feel like you have been open enough then I think you will deserve a little reward. Some care and attention. A little pleasure maybe.

We can talk about the good, the bad, the shameful. Call me when you are happy. Call me when you are lonely or scared.