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Hey Heidi

Wanna talk Findom? Me too! Wanna play? Ask nicely!

Do you like talking about financial domination? Do you worry you can't hit the high mark and might be blocked?

Let's talk about Findom and the wonderful world it creates. I have so many questions, and I bet you have a lot of answers!

There are a few buttons on this listing that are very low key and are a lovely way to say thank you, if you so desire, but no pressure! Really, only click if you're moved to.
I want to hear about your experiences, your highs, your lows, and what keeps you coming back for more. I'm not jealous, and I am TERRIBLY curious about what you've done, what has worked, and what hasn't. Do you like a bossy brat, or do you like suave seduction? Do you like once a year blow outs, or more weekly tithing? I'm here to talk about our fascination with money and what brings you to the brink over and over again.
I so look forward to hearing about this from *your* perspective, rather than mine, though if you'd like to learn more about me, click here

Love, Lady Heidi

PS: I won't call you names like pay piggy, cash cow, human atm, rinse cycle, loser, time waster, or bill pig. In fact, I think you'll be shocked at my interest in you and YOUR story. Though... I might. If you beg prettily enough. Who knows!