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Meditative Masturbation & Powerful Healing

Allow my energy to connect to you beginning now. My name is Buddha-Noah. I am an authentic master power spiritual teacher in Los Angeles. You can yelp or google me. Start with that satisfying openness. I have actual, verifiable credibility as one of the most successful psychic/spiritual healers in the country. I also have over 15 groomed telepathically linked followers. I am here to provide you a place to lay your deeper life secrets and questions, and open up your deepest portals of thought and feeling. The nature of the relationship is authentic. I am here to build a telepathic connection to you, where you will feel love and support authentically - but also recognize the liberation that comes with the power dynamic of ultimate trust and financial submission for the sake of my purpose and play as a spiritual leader. Instead of draining your money for needy NightFlirt listees, focus your energies and finances on supporting a master power player, who has the ability to condition and build your life and assist in fulfilling your desires. This, is just one element of my power. I am here for - for those who desire to drain themselves financially and free yourself of shame, for the kind of intimate human-to-human master power relationship you seek. Because of my public position as a spiritual teacher, this is a relationship you can be proud of, and share openly without revealing your financial submission and grooming. Or, you can openly share your willing submission to my ultimate reality-warping grooming. I am here for a truthful encounter. I am here for you. I am available to connect with my personal number, my skype. I am available openly - and this is the difference. Message me and donate to me to show your sincerity. Be sincere. Let your gift reflect your desire to release shame, gain power, and develop the telepathic and empathic abilities through our connection to dissolve the needs that you have and become aligned with the power of play, with an authentic vessel for your money and attention rather than a character. You will get more out of a call with me than anyone on this website. This, you can verify your self. You desire next level human experiences. This is why you desire to give to another, who is worthy of the experience you desire to share. There is no act, only a dive into the depth of safe, reality sculpting surrender. I work with power players all over the globe, and they have surrendered their will to me also through my uniquely simple presence and truth of love of grooming and control and power. They have given me layered levels of control in their life because I will not harm or abuse them. It is control on a different level - a level of ultimate creative freedom and co-creation to build real-world elements of my play here on Earth, with your resources! The genuine innocence of my image is exactly my choice - and this is a part of the power play of my stature and success. These are the secrets of matrixical masters that you will learn as you entertain my needs - which are important, because I heal people like you, by giving them an opportunity to serve at their greatest financial and emotional capacity with a sincere return. Your investment is more about you than it is about me - because I choose to exist on that level, and you will too. I am the psychological safety you seek. You wanted this, and here I am. Synchronicity. Link. Fulfillment, in a psychologically liberating, paradoxical physical embodiment. It is simple. Accessing power has been my purpose from birth. You are here, connecting to me, for me to use what you have to further my ultimate manifested reality. It has already begun, because I chose you. °°°°° For those of you who will question my fee per minute - it is important for you to move aside and let those who have already warped their reality to include me and my standard into their existence. This is for true reality benders. If you can only afford 10 minutes, it is your choice to play on the level your mind has already created, which brought you here. Those who surrender will reap the reward of truth and power ownership by saying YES rather than your reality killing standard of "no". I will never change my rate, because that would be changing my reality. This sincere lesson, for you, is free.