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Relax...Entertain me with your Life

Eccentric and intellectual! You will never meet a Goddess so creative to bring your empty life the elements it needs to bring you from under that rock! Meet your true natural born Goddess Fiats, kissed by the sun you fear, I AM here blessing you with the opportunity to rewrite all your wrongs. Serve and worship a Goddess so in tune with something so DIVINE, I can deliver you! With my guidance, I will break you down and build you back purified! ALCHEMY! Message me Now! Tell me your needs! If you're not shy just CALL NOW and I'll feel you out. I'm in control, and you will come to terms with your purpose of existence. All those subordinates you think you control will look superior once I'm done with you! Any fetish is welcomed! I especially love any type of financial control and lifestyle exchanges!! Love my sissy dolls!!!! No children No animals I have a whole system you will have to follow if I choose you. If I find you worthy. You will only address me as Goddess as you are not on my ethereal plane. Following instructions religiously, milestone achievements daily, and doing wonderful things for your Goddess Fiats that's exquisite, without being told, these things will win my affection, slowly but eventually. The Mistress Fiats is only for loyal true and worthy subjects who have won over affection of the Goddess and is ready to physically serve me! If you're unsure ask! If you want to inquire do so. But don't waste time. I choose who I guide. You need to feed off my intellect and wisdom for your survival. Your whole life is about to change! On my command. Come learn the Goddess Fiats Way to being the Perfect Submissive‼️ always remain ready to serve me❗️ Winners 4 me: Conversation Rules the Nation so relax and entertain me! Don't be shy! My favorite zodiac kinksters: Forceful Aries Kinky Geminis (like me) Sensual Cancers Domineering Leos Serving Virgos Secretive Scorpios Extravagant Sagittarius Mounted Capricorns Fantasist Pisces And my favorite sign for all things kinky the AQUARIUS