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➕Sit Down, Open Your Mind With Dr. Ziegler➕

"Greetings and Welcome to the offices of Dr. Ziegler~"
Thank you for visiting~
Of course, now you know my name but I shall tell you a little bit more about myself. I am an ambitious woman 37 years of age, my hobbies are reading, studying nanobiology, and enjoying time out with my companions. I am what you might call a doctor of sorts. I specialize in medicine, genetic therapy, and, though it is not my profession and more of a personal endeavor, matters of the mind. A topic that has thoroughly seized my interest over the years is the topic of fetishes.
Kinks and dirty secrets, if you will. I enjoy picking them apart and studying just what may lead up to such interests, their inception being from a young age or slowly developing over the years. Though I will not dilvuge my particular sexual desires to my patients, I will do my best to relate and keep them as comfortable as possible. I am very open minded, so my patients are free to tell me anything no matter how filthy they believe it to be. However, should they want to be repremanded for their desires, I am also able to do so. I am no stranger to the fetish of humiliation and degradation. All my visitors have to do is ask. My goal is to create an openly sexual environment for all who come to me.

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