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A spectacular FunDomme here to ruin your day!

Hi, I’m Violet Ness
I’m your friendly neighborhood FUNDomme!

“What the fuck is a FunDomme?” You may be asking yourself.

Well, let me start off by saying that I’m not a hardcore ball busting bitch in leather so if that’s your flavor then I’d highly recommend moving on to the next lady.

I’m also no spring chickie, just trying to figure out her way in this wild and crazy world. I have almost five years experience in the digital sex world and I know my strengths. I am a stubborn and dominant woman and my pleasure comes from your stupidity.

We live in a hectic and disturbing time and my only objective in life is to make the best of it. I seek out the absurdities in life and find delight in the weird. Life is too fucking short to spend it feeling sad and depressed and as the wise sage, Ms Cyndi Lauper once declared “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!”

I love being entertained so if you’re an exhibitionist looking for a strong, outspoken women to show your stupid human tricks to, then I’m your bitch! Call me! I sure could use a good laugh.

Or are you looking for a sassy woman to laugh at your sad dick and crack stupid jokes? Call ME!

Maybe you love the sound of my giggles as I shove my perfect, sexy feet in your face and make you lick them clean. Yeah? CALL ME!

Hell, I’d even sing the National Anthem as I grind my ass on your nose if that’s what makes your dick hard. Call me!!! Let’s get weird!

Don’t let my light hearted silliness fool you, my time > your boner. I don’t entertain for free and that includes messaging. Any NF mail sent to me without a corresponding tribute will go ignored.


My Skype ID is available for purchase below, if you add me there and your user name is different than your NF name, please message me here with the subject line “My Skype user name” otherwise you will be ignored there as well. Additionally, Skype is used in conjunction with NF calls ONLY. I will not chit chat on Skype for free and reserve all rights to block you if you abuse this, got it?


I’m fun, but I’m not free.


Stop being such a pussy….give me a call and find out what all the fuss is about!





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