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$ Cocky College Cash Master $

Cocky college boy from Pittsburgh ready to take your cash & leave you thirsty for more - dreaming about me & my POWER OVER YOU!

I'm that fresh thug dude, doing whatever it takes to get my way, I keep my pants saggin & my "don't give a fuck" attitude is LIVE 24/7!

I just turned 21 but have seen & done despicable things, somehow even through a tough upbringing I've kept my integrity, charm, & pretty boy swag while learning how to live lavishly like the true Alpha I am making music, taking what's mine, hustling hard & staying on my grind all the time!

I spend a lot of time stackin my paper getting attention from frat bros, sorority hoes, practically everyone& my main bitch gets jealous cuz she's always wanting me to POKE-R. If you're BLUFFING it's time to FOLD cuz I'm the DEALER & upping the ANTE so it's gonna feel like I'm stackin the DECK when you make the CALL so you should know now, it's ALL IN in Connor's house cuz I always WIN & you'll be the one hitting the JACKPOT!

Also be forewarned that you will be Into x'd by my superior cock with or without any substances involved...but partying pigs can hit me up too...

I Can Get Into Scenes/Roleplays/Real Time Including Cuckolding, Demasculinization, Objectification, Humiliation, Domination, Foot Worship, Careless Cam Connections (WILL CAM VERIFY FOR THOSE PATHETIC PARANOID FAGS)& More!

$$$ If you wanna go deeper, just click too buy my goodie bag a few times& ask about "The Casino" $$$