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Cuckolding Sugar Bitch

Bitchy Cuckoldress 4 Tiny Dicks, Sissies, & Losers

There are a thousand different flavors of cuckolding. I love them all. Or as I'm fond of saying, "every cuck will learn his place." Specifically, I will be your sun, your moon, and all the stars in your sky. Your life and desires will rise and set around Me. I will bring meaning and life where there is none.
As you can plainly see, I'm physically beautiful. But that is the least of my accomplishments. I am stronger, smarter, and more capable than you'll ever be. It's okay if you don't believe that now. You'll know it in your heart and soul soon enough. And I'll thoroughly enjoy asserting and demonstrating My power.
You will devote yourself to Me. You will spoil Me rotten, over and over again. You will love and adore Me. You will need Me. And I will tease and toy with you until you pray for de*th to take you. We both know that's exactly where you want to be ... completely and inescapably under My spell, at My mercy.

I'm in My early 30s, but I've been cuckolding men like you for many years. I've always gotten exactly what I want, without fail. Soon, your mind, your dick, and your wallet will be Mine too. You'll adjust to your new life on your knees while I continue to love, date, and fuck everyone but you. If you're lucky and flush with cash, you'll have what you truly need: you'll finally be owned by a Goddess Bitch better than any you had ever dared imagine.
I will likely make available photos from my brief modeling career. But if you dare approach Me with anything other than the utmost respect, interest, and adoration, I will unceremoniously show you the way out. I am to be worshipped and revered. My name is Marissa Mane.