Phone Sex

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I Don't Care Enough To Write A Title-ignoring you

Let's be honest, I'm just going to ignore you. Completely. You'll call, I'll auto answer, but beyond that I'm just going to mute the phone and forget you're there. I'll probably sit on the phone or stick it in my pocket so you can worship my ass while I keep ignoring you.
I'm not interested in your enough to type up a description to "sell" this listing to you. You're going to call in because you know you aren't good enough for me, never will be, and your best shot at *anything* is to throw money at me in a desperate attempt at being noticed. I won't. I never will. You'll still keep paying.

You're a loser whose only worth in this world is the size of your wallet. Keep paying and maybe eventually I might notice you for a second. That's really all you can hope for. Call in now and worship whatever body part I put the phone next to while I do something else more worthy of my time.