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devote yourself to the perfect Domina

I am a preternaturally dominant woman seeking the devotion of true submissives. in My mind I represent the archetype of Eros. I am a sexier being than you can fathom. I will tease, taunt, and torture you to bring you closer and closer to full submission. you will learn to starve for My domination. only full submission to me will bring you the sexual fulfillment you seek.

I am skilled and experienced in many common fetishes, such as forced feminization, forced bi, humiliation, tease and denial, chastity, JOI, CBT, SPH, CEI, and am always looking to expand My repertoire. My favorites are sissies, crossdressers, paypigs, and masochists. at my core I am a sadist. My best subs are those who want to be conquered. this can be accomplished physically as well as emotionally, mentally, psychologically, and philosophically. to that end I am experimenting with tantric mystical hypnosis, mind control, and guided meditation. even if you do not view yourself as a true submissive, if you are interested in any of the above, I am always looking for subjects on whom I can practice. I love to test the curious.

I will draw out of you things you have told no one else. you will become deeply aroused as I insert Myself into your psyche. if you give yourself to Me, I will transform you from a sexually repressed weakling into sexually obsessed perfect servant, My devotee. call now and experience the divine love of a perfect Domina.